Terranigma - Part 19: Aftermath

Page 1 | Sealed Door

We enter the Elder's room.

u have succeeded

Succeeded? Hmmm....

Elder: "You witnessed the resurrection of continents at each of the towers. However, it is only the land that is revived. Life remains unborn. Ark, I wish to show you something. We shall go outside."

The Elder asks us to follow him outside, to the east, where a "huge hole" lies.

Is it a portal to the resurrected world?

Before following him, I go to the weavers, where the madam suspects Ark made Elle cry. Elle's crying? ☹

I try to enter, but...

do not come in

The camera pans over into the next room, where Elle's turned her back to us.

cannot see you now

Elle: "I heard you are going far away. I have to send you off with a smile. But I can't. I don't know why... but I can't stop crying..." ☹

She hopes Ark will come back safe.

Elle: "I will wait until that day. I'm sure I can greet you with a smile then, Ark."


We'll miss you, too, Elle... ☹

Terranigma - Part 19a: Sealed Door

Before going east to see what the Elder wanted to show us, we go west and clockwise enter the dungeon that I stumbled upon before heading to the first tower.

After taking care of the security blocking the hallway, Ark levels up again!

At the end of the hall, we enter a room with a sealed door...

sealed door

Unable to go any further, I leave the dungeon.