Terranigma - Part 16: Fifth Tower Rebuffed/Elle's Blessing

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After my little trip (and it was a good one), I'm back in action!

The final tower is in sight!

first tower from final tower

I notice that this world map is pretty small, as we can see the first tower from where the final tower is...

tower 5 entrance

As soon as we enter, Ark is unable to move! What the heck!?

cannot move

A spotlight appears on the floor, and the Guardian reveals himself!

guardian appears

Hello, Guardian, can you let us out please?

He doesn't, and he shoots out a beam kicking us out. Yeesh... it seems I may need to get something from the village to go further.

I visit the weavers' house again to get what Elle's made. Unfortunately, she's not finished with her work, and asks us to rest. We do so.

ark sleeping

The music, when Ark is sleeping, sounds nice.

ark on the floor

There's Ark lying on the floor...and we save before heading out.

Two of the villagers are sleeping soundly.

I go to the Elder's room, where I decide that's not a good idea.

The whole house is silent. Crickets chirp outside as the night rolls on...some of the villagers and chickens are still frozen in time...

I decide to go to the weaver's house to visit Elle again.

Elle stops weaving and recites her prayer.

elle at loom

Elle: "...Crystal cape. I pray to you. I beseech you to shield Ark from harm. And...I pray...Please don't take Ark far away."

As Ark approaches Elle, a new tune plays: her theme.

ark cannot sleep

Elle: "Your cape is almost finished. I will be done tomorrow. Ark. Please get some rest...But when this cape is made, I get this feeling Ark will go far away...You won't do that, will you?"

I'm given a choice. I have Ark say the first one: Of course not.

Ark: "What are you saying? Who said I'm going anywhere? Yes, I did see the world outside here and learned the world is huge. But...I love this village because Elle lives here. I'm not leaving."

ty ark


Elle tells us to go back to bed again, and says "[she'll] wait up for [us]" once her masterpiece is finished.

I wander outside town for a second to see if anything's changed before going to the Elder, where I'm given the same decisions (about the tower, or the box, or to complain about how tired we are). I'm wondering, does the Elder even sleep? Or is our duty of restoring the towers so important to him that he's able to stay awake at this time?

The next morning, Ark ends up waking up off the bed again. He's quite the fitful sleeper, huh?

At the weavers now...

elle finish

Elle: "Ark. Did you sleep well? Here. Take this. Your cape as promised. It's light and warm. And I wove in a prayer to protect you from adversity, Ark. I think it will help you, please wear it when you are in trouble."

got elle cape

Now I think we can make it past the fifth tower okay!

With her words of warning to Ark, and her vows of prayer for him, we set off. Outside, I equip her cape.