Terranigma - Part 15: Preparations

The recently unfrozen citizens haven't noticed that time stopped, except for a few of them.

Some of them have noticed the Elder's behavior regarding the door. Is it because we're in the middle of unfreezing everyone?

elder isn't angry

what happened?

It seems that we managed to unfreeze everyone in the Elder's House so far.

I go back to Elle's house, and she notices the Crystal Thread.

that thread

may i have?

Elle: "I'm certain it will add power to protect you Ark."

She promises to finish the cape she has for Ark "by tomorrow," and tells us to get some rest.

I buy some antidotes, and new equipment for the final tower. I also buy some fire and ice spells.

I'm guessing that after we finish the fifth tower, something ominous is going to happen...