Terranigma - Part 14: Dancing Huball Troupe

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We're now in another room. Is it another boss fight?


The music sounds different, more carnival-like!

Aside: For some reason, I can't find any videos of this music online. EDIT: Here's the music for this piece, vg'f Ybver'f gurzr.

This Guardian loves fun, doesn't he? It shows, as a "Dancing Huball Troupe" appears stage right and hurts Ark!

The Gold Huballs are the ones that can be attacked here.

The miniboss reminds me of those snake bosses. Moldorms, or Lanmolas, I think they were called? My god, it's been awhile since I've played through something!


We eventually break up the "troupe."

After awhile, the Guardian notices...

thats it

This Guardian really loves fun. The look of the tower shows.

We now have access to the console.

console four

Which continent is going to be revived next?

new continent

mountain peaks

The 3D effect on the mountain peaks look so nice.

north america

unfrozen elder house

The majority of the town has been unfrozen.