Terranigma - Part 12: The Head Cadet Mage and More Continent Reviving

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I have Ark circle around the room twice, noticing the door to the console.

But as we step forward into the center of the room, the Guardian speaks.

The Guardian commends us, and chuckles their creepy chuckle...

...and gives us another "challenge."

A High Cadet, who splits themselves into three, appears!

high cadet

I play the High Cadet's game of illusions, managing to win on my third try. It's not over yet...

After a few rounds of "spot the real High Cadet mage", we win!

The Guardian speaks to us again.

enter the door

The Guardian re-opens the bridge, and we make it!

Now at the third console...

console 3

The globe descends on Ark, and the continent-creating magic happens again.

new continent 3

I'm guessing that we've revived Africa!

moon rising

africa revived

I'm right!

The family in the northwest house has returned!

northwest family unfrozen