Terranigma - Part 1: The Outset (Pages 1-3)

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Note: Since I played this part on different days, this part will be split into two posts.

The logos come up...

Now a red-tinted galaxy pops up...a heart beating...

"The planet possessed two souls. An external and internal face. Lightside and Darkside. 46 billion years since the planet's birth. Growth and decline circle two wills. At the will of Lightside, new life is born. At the will of Darkside, ice ages descend. Lightside wills intelligent beings."

A clock appears, ticking...

A biplane is seen, flying high to the skies...

"Rapid progress takes root."

Heatwaves and fiery landscapes now...with pillars of darkness within the film...

"Darkside breeds fear and disharmony. They came to be called God and Devil."

The clock's hands fall off...and dissolves into the earth...


I'm now here at the title screen.

ETA: The main theme starts off with an air of mystery and beauty, then swells into a "grand adventure" feeling here for a bit, then continues into something simple and beautiful again.


I like the file select theme.

name input

My character's default name is Ark, so I go with that.

chapter one

Someone wakes up Ark...

good morning ark

Her name is Elle.

Elle: "Are you all right?"

I'm personally not too fond of the spacing of the text, but I'm glad the game developers are doing their best to make sure that the text is readable.

Elle: "Ark. You looked like you were having a nightmare."
Ark: "I've been having these strange dreams. Day in, day out, always the same dream."

Elle tells Ark to get some air, saying she's never heard him say things like that.

crystal blu

The term crystal blue is highlighted. Does she mean the sky is clear?

Ark gets up, and I can move about, noticing a book with ink and quill at the end of the table.

Ark has an idle animation, that's good detail there.

ark idle

Knowing that the book's a save point, I record my progress.


No menu yet.

I wander around the room, getting used to Ark's controls...

Holding Y makes Ark run, B makes him jump...

If I keep Ark idle long enough, he wags his finger at me, or taps his foot, arms akimbo.

The guy in the next room with the headband ships Ark and Elle. The other one next to him mentions the Elder, who says that "crystal blue are the tears of the outside world." Hmmm...the guy doesn't know what he means by that either.

I go south to the kitchen, where the chef asks me to fetch a vase. I have Ark eat the apples instead. The chef's not too happy with him doing that.

I pick up the vase, but instead of talking to the chef to give her the vase, Ark throws it! Oops...

Heading west, floating letters read "Elder's..."

The guy at the room wants to see the crystal blue, but might end up losing his sight if he goes out.

He also has another query in his mind:



I throw all the vases in the room, and start to go outside, but...

elder calling

I wander around the house again.

Oh, Ark. At least Ark's more braver than I am...