Secret of Mana - Part 9: Off To Pandora

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I start at the Water Palace, in the middle of the green torch-lit hall...and we leave for Neko's inn to check to see if he has more wares.

On the way there, I check the weapons Hero has...I have him try the new Spear on the Lullabud.

The Spear's one point stronger than the Sword, and it has a longer reach.

I buy more Candy from the salescat.

Outside again, more battling...

Down the river, I encounter two Froglike guards, no, goblins, who ambush and attack Hero with their axes, knocking him out! What the heck!?

goblin ambush

Now Hero's inside a boiling pot, about to become the goblins' next main course! 😟

next course

Hero: "Haaaalp! Let me go!"

The goblins really want a piece of Hero...but one of them shrieks, and the goblins' dancing ritual begins!

During the dancing ceremony, a ponytailed girl sneaks from behind...what is she planning?

what is she planning

Girl: "Hey! Hey you! What on earth are you doing?"

The girl saves Hero from being the main dish, causing him to jump from the boiling pot, and crash into a tree!

They leave the goblins' camp quickly!

He asks her what she's doing in the woods. She mistook Hero for someone she was looking for...

who is she?

She tells Hero that she's in a hurry and she has to go home. She runs off without even telling her name...

I have Hero read the "beware of goblins" sign before making haste!

So the adorable spore-spouting mushroom is called a Mushboom...

Now at the crossroads, heading south...

Though the Spear's useful, only the Sword can cut through shrubs...I wish the Spear could cut through shrubs...

Nothing here but a small pond, and a steep cliff...

small corner pond

After taking care of another Lullabud and Rabite, I have Hero walk down the steps of the cliff into another bed of grass and a small pond in the corner.

The element of surprise is against Hero as a Mushboom's spores cause him to lose consciousness for a bit!

There's a cute yellow creature standing there.

yellow creature

I have Hero go and talk to the creature. The creature bounces Hero up, back to the small pond above!

Another bridge to cross, another Mushboom to take care of...

More monsters in our way...

I have Hero switch back to the Sword since there's a lot of grass in this area.

I read a sign near a bed of rocks...

to pandora

It seems we're getting close to Pandora.