Secret of Mana - Part 79: Mana Beast

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Now there's more rumbling and shaking going on...

mana fortress shakes

The Mana Fortress is about to collapse!

But Max falls over again!

max falls

Max: "I'm okay...just dizzy!" That's not a good sign...

Max: "We have to get out of here now!"

We use the warp at the south end of the arena...

where are we

Now where are we?

Something now shows up!

flammie mana beast

Hero: "I guess Flammies were once Mana Beasts..."
Max: "Hurry or the Mana Beast will ruin the world!"

Everyone, but Hero, runs...

Max tells him to finish the job...

Hero's hesitating...

i can't do it

Hero: "They are only trying to restore Mana."

max sacrifice?


Pidge: "Oh no!"
Hero: "Right...I can't go through with this..."

Max tells everyone that he's not going to "kick the bucket!" ☹

i won't see you again


Max: "OK, if we don't stop the Mana Beast, your world is finished, right? Everything will perish. Trees...animals...people! That must not happen!"

mana sword is yours

Max: "You have the Mana Sword. You must save this world...You have no choice! You made a vow to your mother, the Mana Tree, right? I'll be okay."

Hero makes the decision...he asks Max if he's sure...he is.

Max greets his allies farewell, and now, the final battle!

take the sword

Max: "We'll cast Mana Magic, then [the] Mana Sword will appear!"

I have both Pidge and Max cast the new spells, and the Mana Sword is restored to its full glory!

Here comes the Mana Beast!

here comes the mana beast

He breathes a spiral of fire before coming closer...

Holy heck!

mana beast huge!

With the Mana Sword revived, the sword makes its mark on the Beast!

It takes me many tries to figure out how to call on the Mana Sword takes both Pidge and Max's enchantments to restore the Mana Sword!

...and as the Beast appears in front of us, I continue to attack!

...and with Pidge's last MP, I revive the Mana Sword again and finish off the Mana Beast...

mana beast finished