Secret of Mana - Part 76: Tree of Mana

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The intro music begins to play again, and the whole party is now at the summit!

where are we?

Even now, the music's giving me the chills...

Everyone looks around.


The music swells as we see the Mana Tree...

the mana tree

Oh my god!

revive the mana sword

Yes, let's!

Pidge: "It's like a dream. Can we really be here?...Hero...We've done it! I'm so glad I met you...and you too, Max!"
Max: "I'm so lucky I found such good help!"

so much happened

Hero: "We never gave up hope...and we have just one more job to do."

ask to revive sword

A white light shines, and I hear the whale sound...

But someone enters the picture...Thanatos!



Oh my god!!!

Thanatos just vaporized the Mana Tree!

A voice now calls out...

wake up

Hero and the party wake up!

The intro music's now slower, and sadder... ☹

no mana tree

Max: "What the...after all we've been through! It's Thanatos's doing!"
Pidge: "What's going to happen now?"

The screen glows green and everyone huddles...

The Mana Tree now speaks through everyone...

it is i

Mana Tree: "The Mana Fortress is using up most of the World's Mana. Soon all of the beasts [...] will be transformed into one giant creature. Only the great Mana Beast can bring back Mana. But the Beast has little control over its rage. If it were to attack the Fortress, the world would be finished."

use the mana sword

Mana Tree: "The sword can only be used by people of the Tribe of Mana."

serin should be standing

Whoa, what!?

Hero's the son of Jema's friend, Serin!?

Mana Tree: "He was badly wounded 15 years ago by the Emperor, but vowed to stop him. On his way to a final showdown, he fell and never got up. That was in Potos." So that's why the sword was lodged before the waterfall there...

that was my...?

Oh my god...what a revelation!

But an even bigger revelation comes forth...

big revelation

So Hero was born as the son of a knight in Tasnica and a citizen of the Mana Tribe. That's the reason why he was able to pull that sword...

I'm looking at Hero's face as he hears that...he's probably trying to stop himself from crying... ☹

Mana Tree: "We are of the Mana Tribe."

Mana Tree: "The women of our kind became the Mana Tree, and the protectors of the world. The men wield the sword and protect against evil!"

She tells us the Mana Fortress's barriers are now lowered...

last power


Mana Tree: "Sword power at maximum!"

i'm sorry


is that you?

Hero: "...mother? Why won't you talk to me?"


Hero: "Mother!!"

mother no

Max snaps Hero out of his sadness, and tells him they have a job to do!

Max: "Pidge doesn't have a mother, and neither do I!"

Hero apologizes...

...and he's back!

hero's back

If this game was in its complete glory, I'm guessing the dialogue would've been more emotional...

Max: "Now you're talking, number one!"

Pidge feels like she also encountered her mother when the Mana Tree spoke to us...

Everyone cheers! Now it's off to the final showdown!

But how do we get out of here?

Wait a minute...I call Flammie!

My god, what an episode that was!

We make it back to the Wind Shrine, and save before heading out again.

powers restored

The Mana Seeds' powers have been restored!!!

We check inside the Tree Palace.

Mara pities the Emperor a bit for getting betrayed by his own minions...

We now talk to Phanna, who has something to say to Pidge...

phanna said awful

Pidge tells her to forget about it, as Phanna was under Thanatos's influence.

Phanna: "I guess I was jealous of you two..."

She turns away...

Phanna: "Thanatos noticed and used it to his advantage."
Pidge: "Phanna, look at me! Friends, okay?"

Phanna turns around and Pidge nods.


The seed at the stage glows green...

Up to the Lofty Mountains, where we make upgrades on the level 7 weapons:

Elf's Harpoon to Dragon Dart
Frizbar to Shuriken
Wing Bow to Doom Bow
Gigas Sword to Dragon Buster

weapon upgrades so far

Here's the map for the Pure Land.