Secret of Mana - Part 75: The Last Dragon?

We land way back at the beginning, where I head to the eastern path instead...


We climb up the stream and make it back to the western tunnel. Looks like I found a shortcut!

Passing through the late Dragon Worm's lair...

After tons of backtracking, we make it past the Thunder Gigas area, and are now before more cliffs. When will this place have an end?

In our ascent up the zigzagging cliffs, I have Max use his fire magic on the Ice Thugs around...

And we make it to another gate...

last gate?

Let's hope this is the last dragon we have to face!

Arriving on top of the ruins, we encounter the next dragon!

blue dragon

A Blue Dragon!

Thunderbolts don't work on this dragon! Earth magic does, though!

And he unleashes his Blitz Breath!

He quickly flies out of the arena!

And one more Blitz Breath! This boss is obviously hard to catch!

As he flies offscreen, I have Max deliver an earth spell to him!

And the dragon comes back with another Blitz Breath!

blitz breath

With two more Earth spells and help from Pidge, the dragon's finished!

blue dragon finished

We win our Boomerang's Orb, and everyone gains a level, with Hero now over 600 maximum HP!

We walk around the arena, looking around before going back to the gate's guardian.


I save once more. This is save no. 91!