Secret of Mana - Part 74: Thundering Giant

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Onwards, where Ice Thugs and a Ghost are at!

more monsters

I learn that only light magic can affect the Ghost!

There goes most of Pidge's MP...

In the next area, after finishing off the forces here, and reviving Max, we come across ruined columns...

Could this place have been a holy temple of sorts in the distant past?


What's that sound? Is it another Ghost?

For some reason, Pidge can't cast anything now...

We retreat up the cliff following a gravel path...

Max's earth magic is now up to level 7!!!

We now make it to another crossroads...this Pure Land should be called the Neverending Forest...

After an easily tiring battle with more Griffin Hands and Mushbooms (using up another Cup of Wishes to revive Max), I decide to head north this time.


Up north, we meet another boss!

It's a Thunder Gigas this time! My god, the Pure Land is relentless in its boss battles!

I have Max cast Gem Missiles at him, knowing that this boss is a wind elemental...

slamming hands

After slamming his hands on the ground to strike a Thunderbolt at Hero, he does his usual vanishing trick that his cousins have done...

gigas vanish again

The Thunder Gigas reappears, and I have Max use Gnome's full power on the boss!

But the Gigas is too quick as he unleashes a Blitz Breath!

Max takes the full brunt of it!

After reviving him with Pidge's spell, I take control of Max and continue spamming the boss with more earth spells!

All right, when are you going to form back again?

vanish again

I manage to get in two Earth spells before he vanishes yet again!

When he appears, I have Max cast two more Earth Slides...meanwhile the Gigas is imbuing Hero's sword with thunder.

gigas finished

Let's hope this is the last boss of this a reward, we win another Sword's Orb! The bosses are a bit tricky but the land is generous!

The road northwards is clear of rubble...

road clear

Back to the crossroads, where there's no way to the south, and the east is another dead end...

Or not, as we climb down the waterfall, and are now back at the gravel road...

But Pidge falls to the enemies.

Trying to proceed forward, but we're almost finished...

I call Flammie and restock at Neko's outside the Tree Palace. I also get new equipment for Pidge and Max!