Secret of Mana - Part 73: Passing Through

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85 saves already!

Onward and upward we go!

There's plenty of Griffin Hands in the next area...

And in the next, next area, a plethora of enemies await our arrival!

There's a small cave entrance to the east...

...where we see even more enemies, and a staircase going down west of here...

It seems these Ice Thugs won't let up! They even throw multiple tridents at us!

As we travel north in the tunnel, an Eggplant Man and Needlions bar our way!

Now we're at the end of the tunnel, where we encounter...

axe beak Axe Beak! The Spring Beak's fiery-looking cousin!

The Axe Beak cries out a Sonic Pulse after a Lava Wave!

Max is getting hit!

This boss is quite a jumpy one!

Maybe Freezing him will help...and it does!

I continue the Freeze spam until he's finished!

finished axe beak

As a reward for beating him, I win a Javelin's Orb!

A set of stairs on the western ledge open up...

Going all the way back to the fork in the wood earlier, I go west, which is just a dead end...

Now back down into the tunnel, taking care of more monsters...

We're back at the surface again, in another part of the woods...

back to surface

After another trio of monsters, we make it to another gate...there's another dragon in this one, isn't there?

west gate

We head out to the west of the gate...

We arrive before a high cliff now...

Now to enter this cave...

enter the cave

It's a fire dragon in a fiery looking cave this time!

red dragon

His actual name is a Red Dragon!

I have Pidge prep everyone's weapons with ice, and have Max cast his Freezing spell on the dragon!

In one of Max's Freeze casts, the dragon unleashes his fiery breath on him!

Another trick up the Red Dragon's sleeve is a Breath Wing, a skill from Final Fantasy V!

post dragon attack

One more Freeze spell, and he's taken care of!

dragon finished

Our reward is another Glove's Orb!

Back to the gate once again, where I save my progress and stop here!