Secret of Mana - Part 72: Dragonslayer

I start off with a few warm-up battles here...

white forest

The scenery's beginning to look more looks like the trees and shrubbery are covered with snow...

Up ahead, we face the dragon! This is definitely not Flammie!

snow dragon

It's a Snow Dragon!

Analyzing the dragon now, but I have Max cast fire magic on him before the spell's complete!

I have to watch out for his scorpion-like tail!

I have Pidge cast barriers on all of us!

The Analyzer confirms the dragon's weakness to fire, and I continue to have Max spam fire magic!

The Snow Dragon's raising his head like he's about to inhale...

fire spell

He casts a Freeze on Max, but no damage done!

He flies away...

...and comes back, with his icy breath on Max!

icy breath

Max turns into a snowsprite!

But after curing him, and with one last salvo of Fireballs, the dragon goes down!

fireworks snow dragon

We win a Bow's Orb!

We return to the gate...

save your game

I wonder why the guardian doesn't heal us too?