Secret of Mana - Part 71: Pure Land

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Hope no bad luck falls on today's session! Plus, I've saved this game 82 times so far. Let's see if I can save less than 100 times...

Is there an award if I save the game less than a certain amount?

We descend down on the Pure Land, or the crater with puffings of mist and greenery on its peak...

down to the pure land

But I call Flammie again and fly to the Sunken Continent to get Max a Vestguard before going down to the Pure Land.

The music piece here still gives me the chills...

I level up Max's dark magic to 4!

I still have to be careful, these Griffin Hands are very dangerous...

To the west, where we meet Mushglooms! Their spores could KO us temporarily, and cast Wall...

This Pure Land forest is very ethereal, which makes it more beautiful...

tree stump

More very dangerous monsters to face here. Even at level 52, they're still formidable...

Near a river, where another new monster, an Ice Thug, the Water Thug's cousin, is here...


After taking care of the monsters here, I notice a cave...hmmm...will this take us forward or back?


Another fleet of monsters up on the riverbank...

Hmmm, a shadow zero?

shadow zero?

More monsters out of the way to build some experience...and in the cave we go!

The danger music plays again! Which boss are we facing this time?

what boss?

Another serpent, no, it's a Dragon Worm!

The Dragon Worm unleashes Petrify Gas, which doesn't work, as I have Pidge cast barriers on the party!

Analyzing the monster, this boss is weak against wind!

And the worm eats Max, turning him into a tiny moogle!

After curing him, I unleash the Thunderbolt!!

thunderbolt on serpent dmg

It's super effective!!!

But the worm continues his petrification breath, sending Pidge to the reaper!

I revive her and have Max continue his Thunderbolt spam!

No fireworks for the Dragon Worm, but he's taken care of!


And we win another upgrade for our axe!

In the next part of the wood, I have Max absorb magic from the monsters there to restore his MP!

But Pidge falls again to the deadly Needlion!

I head east and get greeted by Ghosts!

They're immune to most magic...

Back west and up north, we're now in an arch of sorts...

arch gate

Ahead, a voice tells us instructions if we want to go forward...

face a dragon

Oh god, a dragon?!

Knowing that taking on a dragon is serious business, the game prompts me if I want to save at this point. I do.