Secret of Mana - Part 70: Mana Fortress Rising

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Holy heckleberry!

continent sinking

A sunset sky's showing itself!

sea purple

The flight music's changed as well!

The world's beginning to flash lightning and roll thunder...

With nowhere to turn to, we land at the peak of a bare mountain...

A voice calls out to us...

voice calls

But there's Needlions around!

The music's very ethereal and mysterious. I like it.

Newer monsters like the Griffin Hand's here as well...

The Griffin Hands do serious damage to us! Knowing we could be gone at any moment, I call Flammie immediately!

The sunset of doom looms upon the world...

chasing fortress

We try to chase after the Mana seems to have fled somewhere...

I check the map. The one with the tiny red crosshairs is where the Mana Fortress is, I'm guessing.

The Fortress is a pretty slippery thing to catch...

We finally manage to swoop into the fortress...

into fortress we go

flammie and fortress

Unfortunately, the flashing cannons and other barriers bar us from getting any closer...

Feeling a bit underprepared, I drop down to Gold City. Everything's still fine here...

Maybe the mountain peak was the right place to land, though I think we need more protection...

I land at Tasnica to get the Battle Suit for Pidge, and try my luck at heading to the Mana good. It's too quick.

Out of options, we land back at the Sunken Continent.

Krissie heals our wounds...

A Resistance member knows that Thanatos deceived his own side.

Neko's also here too!

His new wares are the Gauntlet, the Vestguard, and a Needle Helm!

new wares

I buy one of each.

The Needle Helm's got nearly double the protective power of a Duck Helm! Looks like this game really means business at this point...

Sergo's also here too!

I buy another Vestguard for Pidge and sell off some old equipment before talking to him.

He gives us updates on the Republic troops.

adm meria in charge

It seems like Adm. Meria's now taking charge!

I now speak to Jema.

too late

Jema: "The Mana Beast will appear and crash against the fortress any minute! It'll cause the destruction of this world. But we mustn't give up yet."

He brings more prophecies from Sage Joch.

prophecy from sage

Jema: "Usually [the Pure Land]'s hidden under a dense cloud barrier. But the Fortress is consuming the last of the World's Mana...and the barrier has surely weakened. You just might be able to land there."

That mountain peak where we landed earlier is the Pure Land?!

He gives us more info about the Mana Seeds.

seeds small part

find the tree

Hero: "We have no choice, we must find that place."

Everyone agrees.

Jema gives us one last warning before we head out.

pure land warning

That’s true. We almost got destroyed by Griffin Hands there...

We make an upgrade at Mandala, and at a price of 12,500, the Gigas Lance becomes...

...the Dragon Lance!

dragon lance

As its namesake says, this spear's the bane of dragons! Meaning this game is really getting serious!