Secret of Mana - Part 7: Into the Wilderness

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Officially banished, Hero now leaves his village for good...

Into the south, a Rabite greets him.

I read the nearby sign, which says that there's a "Cannon Travel Center!" east of here...

Heading east, there's a jumping mechanic who mentions that he and his brother "are building a global network" of sorts.

So Jema paid for our fee to go to the Water Palace, huh?

I have Hero refuse the offer, since I want to explore more of the wilderness here...

The Cannon Brother tells us that the Water Palace is west if heading on foot.

Crossing a river, thus our journey to the Water Palace begins!

A stray flower chomps on Hero, poisoning him!


We make it to the crossroads now.


Kingdom of Pandora, hmmm...

I have Hero go north, where a cute mushroom awaits.

cute mushroom

Assuming it's an enemy, I have Hero ready his sword and attack him.

He's an enemy alright, as he shoots out spores, which Hero's already safely away from its range.

Before a wooden bridge, a sign warns us to beware of goblins west of the river.

Crossing the river, I comes across more innocent-looking, yet poisonous flowers.

innocent flower

After taking care of more flowers, we come across another sign that reads "Welcome to Neko's!" located in the west area.

Heading west, we now make our way to a spacious inn in the middle of the woods...

inn in woods

Nope, nothing suspicious here at all!

Inside, the place is a bit like the inn in the village, except the clerk at the counter is a cat with a huge bag of goodies!

Neko also doubles as an item shop salescat.

I decide to look at Neko's wares first.

My god, that's a lot of sweet stuff! There's even some chocolate too! Royal Jams and Faerie Walnuts round out the list as well!

Neko also has various accessories.


After looking at Neko's stuff, I save my session here for now.