Secret of Mana - Part 67: Underground City

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Now we are transported before the Emperor, where Fanha notices us! In place of Sheex is an Imperial soldier!

fanha prepare to

The Emperor tells Fanha to drop it for now, and starts to prepare for the Mana Fortress!

fanha vow

Fanha vows to take us down before leaving...

A bright golden light shines...

...and we proceed up the stairs...

Into a hall with more monsters to block our progress!

We turn on the tables on the Metal Crawlers with Hero's fire imbued weapon!

Down more stairs...

The area here looks more like Catapult or Ronka Ruins...

metal crawler

Plenty of monsters and ancient machinery down here...

We escape the two Capt. Ducks into an ancient conveyor belt...

conveyor belt

After taking care of two more Fierce Heads, we encounter another barrier...

It seems that we need to press a switch to proceed, and it's somewhere near the west conveyor belt...

There it is!

switch escalator

So the Kimono Wizard, I learn, spawns those dang Metal Crawlers!

Now we escape east, and after taking care of two Steelpions with Max's wind magic, we go inside the room...

Watts! How does this blacksmith keep finding us?

watts is here

I upgrade the weapons we've received orbs from earlier: the Whip and Boomerang...

Morning Star to Hammer Flail
Cobra Shuttle to Frizbar

The Hammer Flail slows enemies, while the Frizbar's good against slimes and lizards...

There's Krissie and a Republic soldier here too!

krissie and soldier

Krissie recovers our health!

We talk to the guard, who gives us important code he overheard from Imperial soldiers.


Guard: "'Red-Blue-Yellow-Green.'"

...I'll have to remember this, it might be a passcode to open a door in the city...

We head east of the hall, and make it to more chambers, where more Capt. Ducks await!

Westward, we get into another room with a set of conveyor belts.

Climbing that, more Imperial troops, and remnants from Thanatos's forces, await!

We jump down a ledge, and face off against more monsters and a stubborn Capt. Duck!

More endless monsters later, we come across a room with four transparent tiles in the middle, with the north one pushing us down, and a barrier to the west.

four tiles

For some reason, stepping on the center tile lowered the barrier. There must be an invisible switch here...

Next room, we seem to be at a pool of sorts...


Ahead, more monsters like the Shape Shifter await!

I switch Hero to the whip...

A hall of these gray blobs meet us!

I switch Hero's weapon again to the Boomerang...

Half of the Shape Shifters transform once again. I decide to slow them down, which actually works!

I use the whip and Speed Down combo to slow the Capt. Ducks down...

Looks like a Dark Stalker's in the building as well!

No, two of them!

We take care of them, and see four consoles with color-coded buttons in the center...

four buttons

The Republic soldier tolds us the code to open this barrier is red, blue, yellow, and green...

I switch Hero to the fist to activate the switches.

That did the trick!

Instead of going down there, I head west down some more stairs to face against more Metal Crawlers...

After a whole runaround and another recovery from Krissie, we make our laborious, monster-filled trek back to the consoles, where the Dark Stalkers there give Max a two-hit death blow!

I take this chance to perform Pidge's Revivifier spell, resurrecting Max!

In the next room, we're surrounded by Kimono Wizards!

While I have Max spam wind magic, I hit the switch near here, lowering more barriers!

Max's wind magic's now at level 6, and the Air Blasts are now mini-vortexes...


We climb down the long staircases...

...where a small wave of two troops await us! Taking care of them, and crossing into another long conveyor belt..,

long conveyor belt

It's a never ending parade of Imperial forces here. Seems like The Emperor's not making this easy...I'm remembering a note I made back at the Imperial castle, saying "If this is the best the Empire has to offer..." I take it back. This is mostly the Empire's elite we're facing at this point...

There's a hall of turnstiles before us next, and a Capt. Duck!

subway turnstile

Ahead, we see a subway train!

My guess of this game being set in a post-apocalyptic world is right on here!

subway train

Now boarding...

...where tons of Ghouls are seated in the passenger cars!

ghouls on train

We press on, fighting more Ghouls! At least they're easy compared to the other monsters inside the city...

At the end of the car is an Eggplant Man...and Needlions!

One Needlion takes out Pidge!

end of car

After they're gone, I revive Pidge and debark the train...

At the other end of the station, a determined troop of Shape Shifters and Captain Ducks are our greeting party!

I press another switch in the east booth, lowering the barrier here!

Oh my god, there's more passages!?

And the Dark Stalker here KOs two-thirds of the party with his endless Shurikens!!!

I revive Hero as a last resort!

Knowing we can't fight him in our condition, we escape into a spare room...

...where the Scorpion Army awaits us!

hey you

Looks like the boss knows who Hero is now!

legendary knight

hand over blade

I have no time to face you guys...

One of the minions in green mentions how much riches they're going to receive once they take the Mana Sword from Hero!

The boss tells him to grab the sword! But, the boss decides to take it by another way...

turbo robot!!

Another robot?!

Kettle Kin's their new robot?

Into another boss battle we go!

I revive Pidge, and analyze this robot. He has no weaknesses...

kettle kin

The robot casts a Lucid Barrier, and taking advice from the online guide, I spam him full of Air Blasts!

Since the robot keeps playing the Lucid Barrier game, I have Pidge cast Lucid Barriers as well.

The Air Blasts seem to lose their power...

The Thunderbolt spell's more effective against the robot!

Second Thunderbolt! Now take that!

kettle kin done

I get a Bow's Orb as my prize.

Fearful of the Mana Knight in charge, the Scorpion Army flees!

We're now back at the surface!

up to surface

Inside the Tree Palace's doors we go...

...where a Heck Hound, or a Hellhound, awaits!

Tired, I decide to go back out, summon Flammie, and recover our wounds...