Secret of Mana - Part 65: Tree Palace

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Now at the foot of the Tree Palace...

tree palace

I check around to see if there's anything...

Nothing but flowers and carnations here.

After double checking the Water Palace to see if I missed anything, I head inside the Tree Palace.

It seems we were too late...the Emperor and his two minions, Fanha and Sheex, are at the foyer stage...

emperor fanha sheex

Emperor: "So glad to see you! You're going to like this." I don't think so.

ancient continent

The Emperor, as Sage Joch said, wants to raise the Mana Fortress once again! And the Emperor didn't give us any front row seats to watch the Mana Fortress rise!

The Emperor now asks one of his minions which one will have the honor of taking care of us...

who will take the job?

The man on the right, Sheex, decides to take us on!

sheex takes them on

The Republic? This must be the person that sent the Dark Stalker or the Dark Stalker himself to manipulate the King there.

Hero's surprised by this as well.

Hero: "You!? You're the Dark Stalker?"

have a taste

Looks like he's going to transform...

Into a giant demon with legs!


The Underworld gave him those powers!?

Sheex: "The contract we signed with the Underworld gives us control of this world! To keep humans under my control, we're reviving the Mana Fortress! Now your time is over..."

The demon that Sheex transformed into is an Aegagropilon!

My god, it's got a huge mouth!

And it's casting a Reflect spell!

Next, it delivers a Burst to Hero, and leaps up, and lands without his legs, on Pidge and Max!


I have Pidge cast plenty of buffs on everyone, hoping to beat back the Aegagropilon's attack!

Now the monster moves like a pinball...

Hero's spear seems to work.

At the same time I cast Moon Energy on Max, I nullify the monster's Burst spell!

I recover Pidge with two bars of Chocolate and have her buff everyone again!

Once that monster lands, Hero deals the final blow!


Now what do we win?

A Spear's Orb is ours!

Sheex: "I can't believe this!"

Sheex breathes his last...

Now to face off against the Emperor and his last minion...

I realize now that Geshtar, when we were on the castle roof, didn't summon another Mech Rider, he was the second Mech Rider!

Looks like we're fighting monsters from the Underworld...

I head to the west of the foyer, and circle around to see more stairs...


...which we climb up to the Mana Seed chamber!

mana seed chamber

Now we approach the dais, it looks like it's already too late...

seal melting


We turn back, where we see the last Elemental!

enter elemental

Aside: For this one, I already got spoiled seeing a pic of this Elemental from this site, but I don't know this Elemental's name yet.

The Elemental introduces herself...

dryad intro

Dryad: "The continent that sleeps beneath this palace will soon rise. Leave now!"

Pidge asks what'll happen to her.

i'll go down with it

Oh no, you're not!

Max agrees with me and asks her to help us. But unfortunately, Dryad gives us more bad news...

thanatos sealed magic

Pidge tells her not to worry...

Dryad hesitates before joining us...

do what i can

Poor Dryad... ☹

We now have the last of the Elementals, and her Tree magic!

Now there's a whole lot of shaking going on inside the whole Palace!

rising continent

The continent starts to rise...

continent risen

Oh my god...

The music isn't too comforting either...this piece is giving me the chills everytime I hear it...

Now where to escape to?

Instead of a horizontal view, the camera's now showing a top down view of the world...

top down view

Unsure of where to head to next, I land at Tasnica, and talk to more people there. I also notice another typo...another result of the rushed translation...

another typo

One child in a raccoon cap knows Hero as the Mana Knight!

Now that's a sight: there's a dancing shopkeeper on top of a column...

dancing man column

I go around an unseen passage to get to him.

It seems the new wares here are Royal Jam, a Gold Bracelet, and Tortoise Mail!

After shop business, I head out!

Sadly, the Gold Bracelet and Tortoise Mail are weaker than the current equipment we have now....aaaahahahdeiheidneheuskeka!!!

I go to the Lofty Mountains and upgrade the Oceanid Spear for 6500!

The Oceanid Spear becomes the Gigas Lance!

Now that's a fine lance! It's the only weapon so far that's a Level 7...

gigas lance

I check the stats, and all of the Mana Seeds' powers are gone!

seals gone

Looks like I have to go back and restore the seals once again...