Secret of Mana - Part 61: Sage Joch Finally!

At the cave once more, and surprise, surprise! Jehk tells us to leave!


The Sage is out again, right!?

sage will see you now

Finally!!! There's the Sage that will teach us courage!

the sage appears

Jehk: "Before you sits his reverence, Joch! I'm his disciple, Jehk!"

We talk to his Sageness.

joch speaks

What sort of spell is he about to cast?

No, he's speaking in an ancient language. Jehk acts as his translator.

Joch tells us that we need to do another test and then we will get our "courage."

I'm given a decision to take the test or not.

I go ahead with it.

Joch bids us good luck.

I'm guessing it's a boss battle...

The large stalagmites west of his platform disappear, and a way forward opens!

stalagmites disappear

So it's not a boss, but another dungeon...

I head out of the cave first to rest and save in Mandala.