Secret of Mana - Part 56: The Search For Sage Joch

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Reading from an online guide, it seems that we fought the phantom blob in the Mana Seed chamber the whole time!

I missed a Glove Orb in the Palace of Darkness as well, so I turn back there and find that room I missed...

That room with the Glove's Orb is in the center room in the entrance hall!

glove orb center

Since I'm already playing, I decide to make the climb back to the peak cave. Hopefully, Sage Joch's there now...


During the climb, I do a little demo of Max's dark magic. Evil Gate's got a big MP cost! I use it on an Eggatrice above us!

We make it to the cave, where Jehk tells us again that Joch's out!

out to gold isle

Oh my god!!!

So he's at Gold Isle this time, huh?

I take care of a few monsters outside the cave before calling Flammie!

Gold City, here we come!

From a woman, we get a taste of the high cost to live here...this place is definitely meant for the one-percenters...

The weight of the gold is causing the island to sink! Even the trees here are golden!

golden tree

The furniture of the interiors are also lined with beige or gold!

In the shop, there's plenty of new equipment here: a Lazuri Ring, a Shield Ring, a Battle Suit, a Flower Suit, a Dragon Helm, a Duck Helm, and a Unicorn Helm!

Hoo boy...getting the new equipment is tempting...

I spend sparingly on the Flower Suit and Dragon Helm...

From the stat boosts, these are high-tier equipment!

A guard tells us the Golden Tower is at the north exit. Like very important places, it can't be entered by travelers...

tower entrance

The place looks beautiful.

But like the guard says, we can't go in because the tower's locked!

We head east into a gated estate...

mammon mansion entrance

King Manmon's probably the mayor or governor of Gold Isle, and probably his name was originally Mammon, but because of Nintendo's Practices & Standards at the time the game was released, the translator had to change the name by a letter.

Why would Sage Joch visit a fancy place like this? Does he know King Manmon?

We head southwest into a weapons shop, where Watts is behind the counter...I wonder how he follows us all the time?

watts behind counter

I decide to upgrade the Heavy Glove into a...

...Hyper-Fist, with very mean wolverine claws!

upgrade weapons

Checking my weapons, the Imp's Fork balloons enemies, while the Hyper-Fist is useful against slimes and lizards!

We go into the building next's a tavern...

The woman's "jealous" that everyone around her is moving to the "resort" in the Ice Country...

I scale around the walls of the city...

I find more info from the man walking on the wall's perimeter here that the Golden Tower is the Light Palace!

light palace

He has more info to give away regarding where the key to the tower went...

spy stole key

key was never found

I answer the man's question in my head that there's probably an Elemental (Yhzvan, V'z thrffvat) and if there is an Elemental, that means there's a Mana Seed!

So now we know there's a Mana Seed here in Gold Isle!

We brush past the dancing innkeeper and try to get more info from the residents in Manmon's mansion...

Two ladies are greedy for gold.

I see the King with his Queen by his side.

But I talk to his servant before speaking with him...


So I'm guessing King Manmon is an alchemist...

king manmon

No information from them, they're still basking in their's a bit sickening to see that, imo.

The innkeeper has a high price for a night: 200 gold!

No Sage Joch here, but I'll probably have to go back to Southtown and find that spy.

It turns out Mara's husband's the spy who stole the tower key!

husband spy

And Mara found the key while looking through her husband's things!

But, she wants her husband back in exchange for the key...

Nevertheless, she still gives the key to us, hoping we reunite her with her husband.

gold tower key get

I rest and save at Manmon's mansion before tackling the tower!