Secret of Mana - Part 53: A Little More Joyflying

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We drop King Truffle off at the entrance to Fung Castle.

He asks us how our ride with Flammie went! It was spectacular!

Truffle: "When you get lost up there, use his special powers." Special powers?


I have to remember that: Start for the map, L and R for different map modes.

Truffle: "You'll find the Lofty Mountains to the Southwest. What you seek is there."

Hmmm, how did he know about our next destination? They're probably written in his kingdom's legends...

So we were in the right place, we just went there too soon...

Truffle tells us to visit Matango again sometime. Gontma!

At least we don't have to rely on cannons anymore...those rides can be a bit dizzying...

I call upon Flammie and take King Truffle's advice, opening up the map.

There are two modes like he said, but the global view looks a bit confusing.

world map

Now I have a map to use as a reference! I could also use this map I found online.

I fly some more to other places.

lil island

From the map, I find a little island village to descend to next.

inside island

Hmmm, this might be an uncharted island of sorts...

We head into the big hut north of us, where a disgruntled, yet still dancing shopkeeper mentions Sea Hare tails!

sea hare tail

Wait a minute...

We get one tail from him!

The locals here are shy. One of them fled the Empire! I'm thinking that most of the residents are refugees from the Empire...

There's also a young married couple in one hut.

A dancer's bored, while a man tells us this island is actually a turtle's shell.

I scout around to see if there's any more land to cover. None. No monsters here either.

We head to the Kingdom of Kakkara and give King Amar the Sea Hare's Tail!


The screen turns blue...

water back

...and the Kingdom's back to its full glory!

We get a Moogle Belt as a reward!

I wonder what it does?

I go to Watts next and upgrade all our weapons so far...

Lode Javelin to Fork of Hope
Chakra Hand to Heavy Glove
Battle Axe to Golden Axe
Flail of Hope to Morning Star

The Fork of Hope's another anti-evil weapon, while the other three weapons are effective against insects!

weapon stats again

I now head to the Lofty Mountains to rest up.

Their inn is the same price as Northtown's!