Secret of Mana - Part 51: Flying With Flammie

king truffle voice

Someone calls out to's King Truffle! We run to the eastern end of the roof!

know how i got here

I'm guessing he came along with Flammie!

Yes, he did! Flammie's now flying! Yes!!!

So King Truffle came along for Flammie's first flight...

Truffle: "Strange, but he thinks you're his parents! I guess he wants to help you. Take this Flammie Drum. It's his favorite toy. Use it anywhere, and he'll come to you!"

We get the Flammie Drum!

King Truffle now wants to go home to Matango, to Fung Castle.

From the skies, in a flash, Flammie swoops us away!

We're now flying Flammie!!!

flying 1

The Mode 7 graphics are my favorite parts of this game...

I now have headings on top of the screen in any case I get lost...

By pressing X (or the B button), I can descend, while with Circle (or A), ascend.

I fly around the southern continent, almost landing near Pandora.

After a few seconds, I notice the Witch's Castle below us...

flying 2

I make a landing at Max's village, and call on Flammie once more!

Flammie descends and picks us up!

flammie descends

Northwest, we make it to where Matango and Fung Castle are, but I survey around for a while...

After making a brief stop at the Witch's Castle, I decide to fly and land near the Sprite Village to go to the Wind Palace to recover and save!

That was one of the most surprising parts, and my favorite part, of this game so far!

Here's the flight music!

I think I seem to be overleveled at this point, as the party's now at level 35!