Secret of Mana - Part 48: Imperial Ruins

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We head towards the east exit out of town...

entrance to ruin

We're now before another ruin...

It looks more elaborate than Pandora Ruins. It's a citadel fit for Thanatos!

That music is playing again.

phanna again


Going up the eastern set of stairs, I see a chest perched atop the balcony above...

Same with the west side...

The flooring for the temple looks different too.

We go to Phanna.

Pidge attempts to get Phanna out of Thanatos's influence...

wake up

Phanna: "...Hush! Dyluck and I are happy here! We just love being together!"

What!? Pidge doesn't believe it...the sad music plays again...


Phanna: "Don't you wish!?"

Pidge goes up and hits her! Phanna's knocked out!

take phanna back

Hero and Max decide to take Phanna back to the resistance base.

Krissie comes by the ruins. Hero asks Krissie to help Phanna...

Krissie decides to take her to the doctor "no sweat," and tells us to go rescue the major from Thanatos!

The entrance looks similar to Pandora's ruins, except it's larger, and it has purple flooring...


The carpet looks like a shadow waiting to consume any visitors...

No monsters here so far.

Until we see one at the western staircase: a Ghoul!

This Ghoul's such a jumper!

Why I can't get a hit on enemies when I'm on a staircase?

He does hate fire though...

Another monster, the Wizard Eye gazes at us! And the Wizard Eye spawns Weepy Eyes!

Hero gets a taste of the Weepy Eye's Lucent Beam!

Now which way to go?

I head into the west door upstairs...

...where an Imp and two Grave Bats await!

Before they could come to, I cast Max's Gem Missile and proceed to the next area.

Oh no, not more Blue Drops! An LA Funk joins in just for fun.

Into another room, where we meet our old friend, the Tomato Man, with two Ghouls!

Outside, we get another surprise: a Spear's Orb!

spear's orb get

Now for the east room...

Two Imps and a Wizard Eye!

The Imps are very quick and they have strong magic defense!

imp's room

I have Pidge boost Hero's agility!

It's a parade of monsters in here as well! Even though the rooms are short, the enemies make the rooms feel longer to get through!

We make it to the eastern balcony, where we grab what's in the last chest here!

bow's orb

In the upper east hall, I pull off a magic casting chain! I get a nearly rare Faerie Walnut as a little prize!

I try every weapon I have on the Imp, no good! He's a quick one!

Pidge and Max also level up their Bow and Sword skills!

Time for more upgrades with Watts!

Partisan to Halberd
Great Bow to the Bow of Hope!


bow of hope

What a long session this was!