Secret of Mana - Part 45: Fire Palace Once Again

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Time to return to Kakkara! Let's see if I can find the Cannon back home...

But while writing, I decide to pay a visit to Santa's cottage.

Rudolph thanks us for freeing Santa!

Santa vows to work hard to make children believe in him again...while walking around in his cottage!

santa walking

I check the weapons that are in need of upgrades: the Bow, the Glove, the Boomerang, and the Spear.

Off to the cannon!

ice cannon

The Cannon Guy gives us a few destinations: Matango or Kakkara.

We head off to Kakkara, with a friendly warning from the cannon guy to not get stranded...

The cannon fires us from one side of the world to the other!

above kakkara

We land in the center of town, near a dancing citizen!

King Amar mentions a Faerie Walnut, then refers to the Mana Seed we have. He warns us to beware of monsters along the way.

The dancer thinks there's a town like Kakkara in Ice Country, but we tell her the bad news...

Dancer: "Huh? All gone?"

After restocking, we start the quest to return this Mana Seed to the Fire Palace!

The stairs to the dais are still locked!

Now we have to unlock the stairs...

Seems the Robin Foot doesn't like wind magic...

We head down to the hot area of the shrine, where there are Dark Funks, angry blue clouds, there!

But since the heat becomes too unbearable for us (and it gets hard to see anything), we head back up!

After going around the palace and finding no other routes, we head back to that hot cavern!

I see a crystal orb. Analyzing it, it seems that Salamando's magic will have an effect.

I have Max cast a Fireball on the orb. No good.

The Dark Funks throw a Blaze Wall on us!

With most of the party surrounded by flames, it takes a while before I have Max cast another spell again...

I use the last of Max's magic to explode the orb! It worked!

heat cleared up

The heat dissipates...and we're now left with these angry purple, not blue, clouds!

After freezing the angry clouds, we go upstairs at the northeast staircase.

Now we're in a different part of the palace...

We see another Red Drop, and, after a short fight, escape to the south chamber.

Upstairs, there's more Robin Foots and floating flames!

On the west side of the room, there's another crystal orb!

floating flames

We throw a fireball at it, causing the orb to disappear!

More Robin Foots to take care of in this room...

Instead of heading for the staircase, we follow the hall of flames into a room with a chest, containing 1,000 gold!

The next floor's a maze, where there are some staircases around...

We fall for the first treasure trap where Hero turns into stone!

We head for the western steps leading down...

We make it into a chamber of Robin Foots, with thin walls and flames blocking the way.

The end is rewarding, as we win another Axe's Orb!

glass window

What a beautiful stained glass window...

We go back up and take the second staircase down...

...into another hall of enemies!

There's tons of Mallards and Dark Funks in this room...

circle of flames

This place has a lot of screenshot-worthy sites...a circle of flames dancing around a platform is one of them.

Oh my god, I never realized how huge this palace is! Or maybe, the enemies here make this palace a longer trek than usual...

We head to the center staircase, where we're now on the other side of the east entrance chamber!

I have Hero push on the button to open up the east wall!

Up the staircase and a hop away to another staircase!

hop away

Back at that mini maze and up another staircase, where we're now in a room full of unlit braziers.

unlit braziers

I press the button to light them all up, and reveal a crystal orb.

This orb seems to respond with Salamando's go...

We have to freeze the orb!

Freezing the orb doused all the braziers except for two of them.

By standing in between the lit braziers, the dais where the orb used to be sinks, and raises the stairway to the Mana Seed chamber!

stairway revealed

But I'm wrong, as I get treated to another boss!


It's a Minotaur!

He casts a level 7 (!) Earth Slide on Hero and pushes him to the edge of the platform with his horns!

His strength makes me more cautious of the party...

I use up the last Walnut for Max.

Knowing the boss can cast Earth spells, I counter with Thunderbolts and Air Blasts!

It's ultra super effective!!

Now he's turning red!

turning red

He charges at Max, but fails to connect! I use up one more Air Blast, and enjoy the fireworks!

fireworks minotaur

Another Javelin's Orb is our reward!

Now we head forward to the Mana Seed chamber.

mana seed

I have Hero hold the sword up to the Mana Seed!

charge sword

We now have four Mana Seeds charged! Yes!

four mana seeds

All the monsters have vanished!

It's smooth sailing from here...

I grab the last chest I saw on the way down to the hot cavern part of the palace.

We slide down and head back to Kakkara Kingdom.

For the boss of this palace, I thought he was going to be super difficult, but after casting the first wind spell on him, I realized I could beat him effortlessly!