Secret of Mana - Part 42: Freeing Salamando/Salamander

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Now, where are we?

By the scenery, it seems like we're not in the snow forest anymore...

different place

A man tells us we're in the tropics!

A woman tells us that this village is hot even when the snow is outside!

So this place might be a vacation spot of sorts...

My thoughts are confirmed as I head inside a house, where there's a couple from Gold City who live in this house as their "2nd house," or their vacation house...

I'm thinking the dancer from Kakkara Kingdom who mentioned "a warm place" in Ice Country is talking about this village!

I might also take a guess that Salamando is here too, hence why this place is so hot, and so different from the rest of the area!

A springy tall guy in a green mask and suit leaves us alone with a stove in the center of town. He tells us we're supposed to hit it if the weather gets too cold...

We go to the stove...


After tapping it a few times, the prompt tells me that the trio "hears something inside." I have Hero open the stove.

The screen turns orange, and we freed Salamando (or Salamander) the Fire Elemental!

salamando free

Salamando's theme's pretty fast paced.

Salamando: "How dare those creatures use me as a heater!? Now, let me teach you the power of FIRE!"

Yes, we can now use fire magic!!

The whole village turns snowy...

So it's the Scorpion Army who kidnapped and locked up Salamando in that stove!

scorpion army again

The green mask did not recognize the trio! Whoops...

Boss: "Everyone's gone! I was about to become rich!"

We ask where the Fire Mana Seed is.

no clue

Ay! So he doesn't know where it is, huh?

The green mask tells us about an "odd old man" when they took Salamando! He must have the Fire Seed!

His boss tells the green mask guy not to help us!

They leave...

The village is now empty...

We head north, where we're attacked by a small Shellblast...with more monsters joining in!

Now where's the way back?

I make way to another passage north.

neko again

We find Neko again, and ask him to save our progress so far!

Before stopping my session, I check Max and Pidge's new spells from Salamando.

For Max, he has Fireball, Exploder, and Lava Wave! As for Pidge, she has Flame Saber (to make our weapons fiery!), Fire Bouquet, and Blaze Wall!

So nearly all of our fire magic is offensive...

Now that we have four Elementals, and there's four slots left, who are the other four?

Note: I will be using the name Salamando instead of Salamander in this playthrough since that's the name the game uses here, and it's the name I've gotten used to when referring to the fire elemental.