Secret of Mana - Part 40: Fire Palace, Ice Country

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After reading a guide last night, I find out that I have to go to the Ice Country next, but I decide to double check the Fire Palace first...

Aside: Since the adapter I used to power the Raspberry Pi broke a prong, I used a solar power supply instead for today's session. The emulator where I play Mana's now slower since the Pi's a bit underpowered...

I face off against a new monster, a Mad Mallard, or a duck with an army helmet!

I finish them off with a charged attack!

Heading west, where another Mallard comes forth!

We head north and arrive at the Fire Palace's entrance!

But the way is blocked by Sand Stingers and the stairs going up are guarded by a pair of Spider Legs!

We climb up, where more enemies are posted!

There's a Robin Foot (a palette-swapped cousin of the Chobin Hood) perched on the cliff too, with another one on the cliff across! Another pair of Spider Legs block our way forward!

I have Max use his magic to take care of all of them...

The Spider Legs can cast earth magic as well, huh?

fire palace entrance

We enter the palace...

At the entrance hall, two Robin Foots ambush us! I take care of the west one!

The remaining Robin Foot enchants his bow with fire!

But we overpower him, and level up our weapon skills!

The stairway forward in the middle is a rock solid slide...

rock solid slide

I enter the west chamber, where there's tons of flames floating above the chasm, and a Robin Foot barring our way...

We head downstairs into a cave, where it's too hot and too bright for us to proceed further!

too hot

To the east hall, we encounter a Red Drop, and two Robin Foots on a platform with four lanterns!

There's also a button in the center of the platform here, but there's no stairs to go to the platform on our end!


After taking care of the Red Drop, we retreat back to Kakkara, knowing there's nothing we could do for now...

We take care of the respawning troops on the way back...Max has leveled up in his wind magic!

Just one more screenshot of the entrance here...

final screenshot

Back at the Kingdom, we rest before heading out to Ice Country...


With that warning, we head out to Ice Country!

cannon to ic

The party's launched out far to the ocean, and they're about to land at a peninsula somewhere...

...At a village filled with walruses!

walrus village

One of them points out the weather's "growing unbearably warm..."

There's an item shop, an armor shop, and an inn here, along with other houses...

I check out the houses here. They're empty...

Hmmm, how did Watts get here so quickly?

watts how?

The local blacksmith's not happy that Watts is here either, calling him a "creep."

I check out the wares here. They're the same ones in Kakkara.

After restocking on items, I head west.

The snow forest here looks so beautiful, and the music sounds so...elegant and simplistic.

The trees and the crystals sparkle so nicely here...

snow forest

There's now wolves, or Howlers, prowling about...

Since the Howler's a beast, I switch Hero's weapon to the javelin.

The Howler casts a slowdown spell on Hero!

Eventually, we beat them back, and we go south and west...

howler wolves

With one cure spell, Pidge levels up her water magic!

We press onwards, taking care of more Howler wolves here!

South, we end up before a cabin, where a reindeer's walking about...he's got a glowing red nose...


Rudolph: "Heeelp! My master's gone! No one's in the Ice Palace except a monster!"

The Ice Palace!? Oh boy...

Rudolph continues braying for help.

I head inside the house and get a Spear's Orb from a chest! Now that's a good gift from Rudolph's master!

I decide to turn back to the walrus village and save there.

The innkeeper there's a walrus too!

I can't believe I'm at another cold least this place is more prettier...