Secret of Mana - Part 4: Impending Disaster

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som intro

I let the intro that I accidentally skipped in my last session play out...the music sounds so nice and calm.

This time, the cursor's now on the Game File option.

I check out the inn before heading into the bar, where the so-called "scary-looking stranger" is.

The green-haired woman's wondering about the "scary-looking stranger" as well.


I keep forgetting that the B button is the action button, not the A button.

The bartender's like the innkeeper, dancing the day away.

He mentions to Hero about Elliott looking pale...I'm betting Elliott's worried about Hero, or is afraid of getting into trouble, or both.

I talk to the "knight" at the bar. He's a wellspring of conversation.

knight silent

While going around the village, I see the Elder facing Timothy and Elliott...*gulp*

I have Hero head into one of the houses west, where the woman there tells him to stop playing around with the sword...

I have Hero go into the item shop, where the shopkeeper (another dancing one) thinks I'm doing an errand for the Elder.

The wares are Candy, a pair of Overalls, a Medical Herb, a Cup of Wishes, and a Bandanna.

I buy some Overalls, and a Medical Herb, and sell some Candy.

I notice the man at the southeast gate, and he mentions that monsters are near the village!

Now it's time to face the Elder...

The Elder's relieved that Hero's not hurt, and Elliott's shocked that he's alive. Timothy thought it was a bad idea to bring Hero along.

Elder calls them out for going into the forest...and notices Hero's sword.

Oh god...

Timothy and Elliott cheer excitedly at seeing Hero get the sword.

The Elder is not too happy though...

sword mana pulled out

Elder: "It's impossible!"

Timothy changes his tune, saying that the Mana Sword has doomed the village, but, the Elder jumps in, saying that it's only a bad omen if the sword's removed! What have we done?

The Elder retells the story about the Mana Sword.

story mana sword

Elliott now realizes why the monsters, or the Rabites, are running amuck!

What have we done? 😟

The Hero shakes his head in denial, he can't believe it...

Elliott starts shoving Hero. No... ☹

He chases him...

Now there's more shaking and rumbling going on...

And the ground falls below Hero and Elliott!

fall into hole

The knight comes out of the bar...a bit too late to save them.