Secret of Mana - Part 38: Enter the Republic

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I'm now alone with Hero again...

I introduce myself to the blond tough guy, who's a pirate! He introduces himself as Sergo.

sergo the pirate

Sergo: "At least I used to be... the oceans have grown too stormy...I stowed away cause I missed my ship so much. Wonder if the oceans will ever be safe again?"

Another man points out that anyone picked up in the desert are slaves to the ship and its crew...

I get more info from the soldiers guarding the place concering two new names: Admiral Meria and his grandson, Commander Morie.

meria morie

The soldier tells us that Morie would've left people in the desert if he had it his way...

From another soldier, I'm told that I'm in a "secret sandship" owned by the Republic.

So there's a Republic in this game. Aren't they supposed to be helping us if they're the Republic?

And I'm also stuck here, huh?

Here's the theme for the Sandship.

Nowhere to run to, no secret passages here...

I talk to Sergo again for any escape plans. I'm told to talk to those guards near the stairs, and tells me to leave it to him.

Sergo calls out a false alarm in the engines!

Now's our chance!


Outside, the Sandship's moving...

I head up and into the second deck...

Inside a room, the mess hall, I see Max, an old man (who's the chef), and a guard, who tells Max to stop messing around.

The sprite's being worked, or not!

Max: "Just like paradise in here, eh, buddy?"

Max ate the entire food supply of the sandship!

The old chef hands him over to us!

Max is still full from the meals he ate...hee...

Now for Pidge. Where is she?

I'm stuck again!

But I head down another set of stairs, where I see more Republic guards on duty!

I can't leave the ship...

What an amazing view from the bow!

amazing view

Now let's find where Pidge is...

It takes me awhile before I realize that there's a door on the exterior of the ya! It's hard to find...

I climb the west staircase to talk to the helmsman.

He asks us if we want to "make a log entry," or to save here. I do so.

We head down to confront the Commander.

before two guards

Max yells that the rats have eaten the food supply! The guards walk away. Max laughs.

We proceed into the doorway, where Cmdr. Morie and Pidge are. It's not a very good meeting...

massage my back

Pidge gets an adultist insult for refusing to massage Morie, and before she could slug him, Adm. Meria enters the office!

enter adm meria

Meria tells Pidge to get out of the office. Pidge harrumphs.

Pidge: "Jerks..."

She's happy to see all of us, and the gang's back together again!

Morie blames his grandpa admiral for letting the party get away! Meria comes to his senses and has the guards throw us in the brig!

about to be captured

But a whole lotta shaking and rumbling's going on!

The Empire has come! Morie pathetically suggests surrender.

Meria wants to fight! But the soldiers are still commanded by Morie and give in!

And the Imperials have now taken control of the sandship, with Geshtar leading the pack!

empire takeover sandship

The Empire's reach is vast indeed!

We try escaping, but no good, the ship's still moving...we talk to Geshtar at the bow!

geshtar didn't expect

Didn't expect the Empire in the desert either, unless they're looking for the Fire Palace!

It seems Thanatos has told Geshtar about us!

Geshtar offers to play a "game" with us...

He dumps us all in the desert, where we're faced with another boss!

Geshtar: "So long, chumps!"

The Imperial scumbag leaves us to battle with a Mech Rider, or a knight in a steel horse!

mech rider

I have Max throw some ice on the rider! It seems to work...

While scanning the Mech Rider, he boosts his speed stats up, and leaves us with dust!

Chasing after him, he throws missiles at us!

I have Pidge heal us, and boost Hero's speed stats to keep up with the boss!

It's now a chase in the desert, where I have Hero hit him with the Claymore and various spells from Max...

mech rider finished

After a while, the rider and his ride go down!

We get a Whip's Orb!

The entire Republic's now stranded in the desert!

stranded republic

Sergo offers his services in any case we need him again...

From a soldier, to go to the Kingdom of Kakkara, all we need to do is head north, or to go west if we want reach the Fire Palace.

Morie's mourning over the loss of his sandship, while Meria's just saying "shameful..."

talking to meria

Meria: "What a mess...everyone's run away!"

The admiral's in shock that we know Jema, and apologizes for what his grandson, Cmdr. Morie, did to us.

Meria: "I had almost forgotten how true soldiers act!"

We tell one of the soldiers that we're leaving, and we end up around a batch of quicksand pits...or rather, we're standing on one!

I wonder if we'll see the Republic again?

After taking care of one monster here, we head north, like the soldier said, into town.