Secret of Mana - Part 34: Wind Palace

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At least the Mana Seed's intact!

mana seed dais

There's an elderly man sleeping near the dais...

I have Hero go forward to the dais to empower the Mana Sword with the Seed!

The palace glows in a bright, white light this time...

white light

And we get the Seed's power!

We talk to the old man. He's Max's Grandpa!

He tells us the Empire broke the Wind seal on the palace! As for the citizens of the village...


Max thinks the other sprites must have fled.

Grandpa laughs...

...and that sad music plays again...

He points out the resilience of the sprites, who are in his words, "a part of Mana," and could never be beaten.

grandpa quote

Grandpa: "But humans are breaking seals, and releasing monsters...which are consuming our source of life...Mana!"
Max: "I'll put a stop to that immediately! These two can help!"

Grandpa wishes he could go with them, but can't because of his bad eyesight. He offers us, though, Sylphid's services and magic! He summons Sylphid to travel with us!

enter sylphid

So that's Sylphid...

sylphid join them

Sylphid's power is now ours!

Grandpa advises us to use the Analyzer spell on crystal orbs to check which magic works best on them. He also tells us of our next destination: Matango!

orb matango

Grandpa: "It is said a white dragon lives in a cave north of Matango. The dragon can help you! Go, now, and worry not about me!"
Max: "Grandpa! Everyone'll be back soon! Me too!"

So that crystal orb we saw west of the spring forest opens the way to Matango...

Grandpa heals the whole party! I save here.