Secret of Mana - Part 33: Four Seasons

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Now to find Max's home in the forest...

I look back on my notes from two weeks ago to remember which order I should go in...

So go through the four seasons from spring to winter, then spring again, and activate the crystal orb...

After a few missteps (and a lot of enemy encounters), I follow the path of the seasons going counterclockwise!

I hear a cue and a slam...

from the right

From the right?

I head to the part of the forest where the crystal orb is to activate it...

On the way, I boost up Pidge's arrow skill and water magic levels!

After circling the forest round again, I find where the "right" actually is...

spring path open

It's a new pathway!

We head up, where Max greets the rest of the citizens of the forest...

im back

Unfortunately, it gets worse...

village destroyed


We hear a squeak!

The danger music plays again, meaning there's another boss nearby!

I have Hero switch weapons and find the source of the noise!

There's flying dragons everywhere!

So that's where the noise is coming from, a Spring Beak!

spring beak

I have Max cast his Gem Missiles at the Spring Beak!

I have Hero switch weapons again to something more long-range.

The Spring Beak casts Balloon on Hero, freezing him on the spot!

This boss is quite the leaper!

We manage to get a hit on the boss now!

But he Silences us, or confuses us!

Another attack causes the Spring Beak to Balloon two-thirds of the party!

Oh my god, he can do Air Blasts too!?

I resort to having Pidge heal the whole party and have Max do one more Gem Missile spell!

At the same time the Spring Beak shoots out Thunderbolts, we finish him off!

spring beak fireworks

Now let's see what we get: a Boomerang's Orb is our prize!

Heading straight ahead, we come across another Mana Palace!

mana palace

But we turn back, hoping to see if the village is alright...

No one's here, the village is empty and destroyed!

village empty

We move forward to the Mana Palace...