Secret of Mana - Part 31: Short Respite

Now that the Mana Seed's back where it belongs, the monsters in and around the Palace have also disappeared!

I shop at Neko's to get another Walnut.

Well, this is a surprise, I have exactly 3000 gold!

3000 gold

I fight a few monsters around the path. Realizing I have a Bow's Orb and Whip's Orb, I decide to head to Watts's forge and get upgrades for these weapons.

I also notice that Max has maxed out his magic power! I'm guessing that we need to reactivate more Mana Seeds in order to build up more magic power!

Crossing the grassy meadow to Gaia's Navel, I use this time to build up the party's weapon skill levels...

We finally make it to Watts, where we upgrade the Black Whip and Short Bow...

backhand whip the Backhand Whip and Long Bow!

The Backhand Whip has the same effect as the Broad Sword, while the Long Bow is strong against animals, birds, or beasts!

weapon stats

I do some more weapon level grinding in Gaia's Navel before resting in Kippo Village...

More weapon level grinding at this point. After awhile, I rest-and-save at Pandora...