Secret of Mana - Part 3: Road to the Village

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Now we see our first monster: the cute Rabite. Hero's wondering why a Rabite's around the falls. I'm thinking they're there to test the Hero.


I take care of him immediately, and I notice the music's changed! It sounds ethereal, with a woodsy feel.

But, my PS3 controller runs out of power (fglksjnksvnjhsbdfvnernkajnkrgvaekjdf) and I resort to using my keyboard to move around Hero.

These monsters can defend themselves too, huh?

I head northward.

These Rabites can pack a mean punch if I'm not careful!

I score a critical hit on the third Rabite I see!

I notice when Hero's stamina is lower than 100, his attack's a bit lower too...

I'm getting hit a lot here!

One of the Rabites drop a chest, but before figuring out how to open it, I'm getting attacked!

After taking care of the cute, yet dangerous Rabite, my Hero's sword levels up to 1! So the sword level starts at 0, huh?

Using the attack button, Hero shakes and jiggles the chest around and gets...Candy!

I wonder if I can use this for might be a healing item...

Another Rabite interrupts my thinking time, and I take care of him!

I open the next dropped chest: 4 gold pieces!

4 gp

I head west, where two Rabites are! Another critical hit at one Rabite!

I have Hero read the sign nearby:

forbidden forest

More Rabites across the bridge!

After taking care of a few Rabites, Hero levels up!

I wonder what bonuses I get in this game? More HP, yes, and Hero heals fully too!

Three Rabites from the south now, and I get a chest of Candy!

A few battles later, I cross another bridge east, and I'm now at the village!

Now let's see if I can find a save point here...

village ent

The music sounds nice...

I talk to the first person I see: an elderly woman. She mentions a light going up to the sky near the falls, and says a George Lucas trademark line.

Unfortunately, the Elder is looking for Hero. Oh boy... :(

Another villager with a cat-eared hat mentions a scary-looking stranger in the bar.

I head to the inn, where the innkeeper does a dance.

funny dance

But he does his job, and asks if I wants to stay the night. I say no, but I can save the game, which I do!

I double check to see if my file's is!

Well, that was a good start to the game!