Secret of Mana - Part 28: The Knight of Legend, Revealed

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I sort of overprepared myself before taking on the Wall Face...

The townsfolk are now back to their former selves!

townsfolk restored

So she might not have been under Thanatos's control after all...

Inside the castle, there's now fewer people inside...

One of the guards near the throne tells us the King's in his bedroom.

The Chancellor didn't expect Hero to save the day!

The King's maid tells us that the King's happy again!

The Queen gives us our thanks and tells us to visit Pandora anytime.

Now we talk to the King...

king happy

...who congratulates Hero for saving the citizenry!

He mentions that Jema told him about Hero and the Mana Sword, but didn't believe him. The King, knowing that Hero's the foretold "knight in the legend," lets Hero have what's inside the treasure house.

treasure house

The guard goes downstairs...

...and so do we!

treasure house

That's a lot of treasure! I wonder what's inside?

It's mostly four helpings of 50 gold pieces, and...another Sword's Orb, and another Spear's Orb, meaning it's time for another upgrade!

I leave the castle and go to the armor shop here to check their wares.

The only thing new here is a Cobra Bracelet...

I buy that and another Power Wrist, sell some unneeded equipment, and we're off!

We head to the two children's house, where the parents have been released from Thanatos's control!

The father vows to protect his family no matter what, and what the mother says here, I also agree with...

mother response

Mother: "For the sake of the children, I don't want war."

We visit other houses. The blond man with the awesome kitchen is still denying stuff. One man outside says he felt like he "had a dream."

The grandma who was also under Thanatos's trance is back, but it turns out that her granddaughter is Pidge's friend, Phanna, the blue-haired girl... 😟

grandma worry

It seems I've got four weapons to ask Watts to upgrade now...

weapons orbs

We leave town and take a cannon to Gaia's Navel once more...

Inside Watts's forge, where I have him start upgrades with the Bow first, which becomes a Short Bow!

Next, the Spike Knuckle, reforged into the Power Glove!

power glove so bad

It's so bad...

Finally, the Broad Sword and Heavy Spear, which cost 400 each to upgrade!

herald sword

sprite spear

Watts's handiwork gives us the Herald Sword, which looks like a mighty katana, and the Sprite's Spear, a long, blue spear!

The Herald Sword's a bane for slimes and lizards, while the Sprite's Spear has a chance of "ballooning" enemies! The "very bad" Power Glove also has a new effect: the wearer can cause extra damage to insects!

After resting, we do more level grinding, and take a cannon to the Water Palace!