Secret of Mana - Part 25: Enter Thanatos

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Hero goes to confront the man. The man is Thanatos.

thanatos right?

Hero: "Thanatos, I presume?"
Thanatos: "Indeed. I know all about you. You're no ordinary fool if you can beat Elinee."

Pidge steps forward.

Pidge: "Hand over Phanna and Dyluck, and make the people of the town as they were!"

I'm guessing Thanatos is not doing that.

Thanatos laughs at Pidge's determination and shows us Phanna.

Thanatos: "Too bad, huh? I've drained her energy, and now she's my faithful servant." No!

Thanatos: "I need life energy to create a new, peaceful world, understand?"

mana fortress

He's reviving the Mana Fortress? Oh no... ☹

Thanatos: "Surrender, and you can serve me. Don't, and you'll end up like him!"

He shows us Major Dyluck.

maj dyluck

Thanatos calls Dyluck "a tough one." That's the Major for you! Thanatos assumes he has a "kind of special power" he might be receiving. And with that, he opens the trapdoor below and drops us down...

fall down

Now we're inside a room filled with spikes on the south end...eeee...


Who's this "it" he's talking about? Oh's another "pet" like Elinee's Spikey Tiger, isn't it?

This "pet" of Thanatos is the wall in front of us!

It zaps a Flash Beam at us!

wall eyes

Now how to attack this monster?

He absorbs Hero's health!

But while the wall does that, the third eye of the wall opens!

So the two eyes are Chamber Eyes, and the third eye in the middle is the Wall Face...

The eyes of the chamber can cast very high level spells at us!

Pidge's attack seems to have an effect on the Chamber Eye...

We focus on our attacks on the right Chamber Eye, closing it for now!

Now for the left...

I knew the wall was going to restore the Chamber Eye we took care of! It's using a Revivifier spell to do so!

The left Chamber Eye uses a Leaden Glare to push Hero back and slow him down...

It takes us a long time to bring this wall down...

There! Both the Chamber Eyes are closed!

eyes closed

Now for the Wall opens its eye...

Oh great! The Wall Face is pushing us towards the spikes!

wall moving

With desperation, we try to finish it off, but to no avail...