Secret of Mana - Part 23: Wandering Again

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As of writing this part, it's already been a month since I started Secret of Mana, my goodness, how time flies!

I head to the armor and item shop first to get a Power Wrist, and I do more equipment changes for the party...

The stat screen shows that we've awakened two Mana Seeds so far.

two mana seeds yes

After visiting the Elder, who has no info to give us, I head to Watts and upgrade the axe into a Lode Axe!

Before heading to the surface, I do some weapon switching...and we're off!

I do a lot of weapon level grinding around Gaia's Navel and the meadow area...

Checking the weapons level menu, it seems I've got every weapon needed in the game: Glove, Axe, Whip, Boomerang, Sword, Spear, Bow and Arrow, and Javelin.

weapons so far

The Lode Axe is best against plants and fish, while the Chakram against slimes and lizards...

Pressing R, I go to the magic level menu. The menu here explains each spell in detail.

Heading west to Kippo Village, where I find out that the Cannon Bros. live in this village.

cannon bros

I also purchase a Kung Fu Dress here for Pidge, and it's more stronger than the Chain Mail!

We also talk to Major Dyluck's guardians. So the Major's hometown is also in Kippo...

We take a cannon to Pandora.

We've already taken care of the Elinee situation. So what's our next move?

Maybe talking to the King again might give us our next way to go...

I notice the door to the guardhouse for the first time.

There's a guard who pretended to be ill in order to avoid being part of Dyluck's squad to hunt Elinee.

One civilian thinks of moving away from Pandora since it's gotten dangerous.

Up to the throne room, the King's so distressed that he goes to take a nap. The Queen follows suit...

king and queen leave

We follow him too...

The King's so stressed that he can't sleep either. Instead, he paces the room.

Even the maid's worried about the king's health, as it's the first time she's seen him worried...

The Queen tells him to rest. The King is inconsolable.

The Empire is closing in at Pandora's doorstep... ☹

Some people in the castle are asking if we've beaten Elinee yet...

Outside, we talk to Pidge's friend Phanna, who vanishes without a word! Oh my god!

phanna vanish

She must have been taken to the southern ruins, where Thanatos is. Hero guesses that's where she warped to as well!