Secret of Mana - Part 22: Finishing the Underground Palace

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In the palace now, where I'm having a hard time beating these Goblins! They tangle Hero up as well!

I also find out that I can use Cure Water on the entire party!

I switch control to Pidge and cast the spell!

It takes awhile, but the Goblins eventually get taken care of...

Now for the next set of Goblins in the center hall...if they couldn't heal themselves and weren't so quick in their attacks, we would've taken care of them already!

That's the first time I've seen a moving chess piece as an enemy here...

chess knight

But the Chess Knight can sneakily dodge away most of our attacks. They’re also taken care of.

After fighting a horde of Goblins and a few monsters, I'm back at the same place where we lost our lives...

I have to remember to attack the Goblin first, not the Ma Goblins, as he can heal them!

We climb stairs to the third floor of the palace, where more Goblins keep us busy!

Crossing to another room, where a Goblin sleeps, but wakes up immediately!

Lucky we stop the Goblin from spawning Ma Goblins...

Next, two quick Chess Knights...

...and we cross into the door forward!

In the hall, a Goblin sees us, and I see more stairs leading up...we escape the Goblins...

We're now at the fifth and top floor of the Underground Palace, where we hear a voice...

stage is set

And a gnome pops out! He's not very happy that we came barging into the palace!

no barging here

Max starts insulting the gnome, the gnome throws back an adultist insult at Max, and a fight ensues between them! All that's missing here is a dust cloud...

max and gnome fight

More shaking and rumbling's going on again...the gnome runs away!

Pidge points out someone or something coming from behind the door...

gigas fight

...and we're in another dangerous boss battle!

The boss we're facing is a Fire Gigas!

Since he's a fire-based monster, I have Max cast Freeze on him!

It's super-effective!!!

I decide to focus my strategy on spamming the Freeze spell!

The Fire Gigas can also breathe fire too!

He dissipates into small fireballs...

gigas vanish

Now where is he going to show up next?

He reappears and I have Max cast another Freeze spell, but not before he throws more fire at Pidge!

I use up a Royal Jam on Max, thinking it might recover his magic. It doesn't. It's this game's equivalent of an Elixir...

After pulling another vanishing trick, the Fire Gigas reappears, using a Lava Wave, and we get caught in it!

lava wave

Dangit! Pidge is out of MP!

The Gigas turns into fireballs again...I heal Pidge again.

After one more Freeze, the fireworks appear as the giant falls...

gigas falls

...and we get an Axe's Orb!

Crossing forward, we make it to the Mana Seed chamber!

So the gnome is the guardian for this palace's Mana Seed...

gnome guardian

The gnome thanks us for taking care of the Fire Gigas earlier...

thank you

He apologizes to us, saying he used us to take care of the “big oaf.”

Max is not too happy about being used.

Max: "...Serve me and maybe I'll forgive you! Otherwise, I'll throw you to my servant Hero!"

The gnome, in fright, pleads and begs with us as he willingly becomes Hero's servant.

Hero's not too happy at being called a servant.

The gnome tells us to close our eyes.

Now we can summon the gnome any time in battle!

He casually calls Pidge Hero's wife. Pidge is not happy with that.

Max likes the gnome's style.

The look on Pidge's face is priceless...hee...

not my husband

We climb up to the dais where the Mana Seed is held...

This time, the aura from this seed glows golden-yellow...

golden glow

Now let's see if Max remembers anything...

Max's head is in pain...he pulls a slightly funny face.

max funny face

Max finally remembers everything, and says where his home is: the Upper Land Forest!

upper land forest

He tells us to take him back to his home there. Until then, he's still in our party!

Before going back, I check on the new spells we received from Gnome. For Max, he gets Earth Slide, Speed Down, and Gem Missile. Pidge gets Stone Saber (to imbue the Mana Sword and other weapons with the Earth element), Defender, and Speed Up.

That...actually ended pretty quickly! I expected puzzles, and a longer trek in the palace, but the short length of this palace surprised me...