Secret of Mana - Part 21: Entering the Underground Palace

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We pass through the Haunted Forest in order to return to Pandora and to the southern ruins.

At the grassy meadow on the way, I have a demo at using the Pole Dart, which is a Javelin by any other name...

The Pole Dart's surprisingly accurate!

Before going to the ruins, we talk to a blue haired woman named Phanna. Pidge seems to know her...

phanna silent

It's no use. No one can talk here.

Heading to the rich-looking house, or Pidge's place...

Sir Elman is surprised to see her with the party here.

sir elman shock

She vows that she will not come back until Major Dyluck is rescued!

We head north to the Cannon Brother and travel to Gaia's Navel straight away!

Landing at Gaia's Navel, we end up hitting a Buzz Bee!

We go down to see Watts again to upgrade our, let's see which weapon do I want to upgrade?

ready for upgrade

The Boomerang and the glove weapon, the Spike Knuckle, are ready for upgrades. I upgrade the Boomerang.

After giving Watts 200, he reforges the Boomerang into Colette's trademark weapon, the Chakram!

colette smile

Now that we have everything, we head into the tunnel!

The shining metal ball, which is a crystal orb, in the middle might activate if we hit it with something...

I have Max Freeze the crystal orb.

That did the trick! The lava's gone!

lava vanish

We're now in the Underground Ruins proper, where two Goblins and a Ma Goblin greet us!

Even Goblins can heal too, huh?

But the Goblins' boomerangs and Ma Goblin's axe overpower us again, forcing us back. Pidge is taken out of the action as well...

After the Goblins get taken care of, their Ma Goblins take over fighting for them, I think.

I heal everyone and revive Pidge before moving forward.

The Underground Palace looks intricate and chapel-like. The palace's music is a bit hard to describe. It sounds...serious.

underground palace ent

We open the door and cross forward, only for a stray boomerang to hit Hero square in the face!

So the Ma Goblins spawn from the Goblin...

The middle staircase is blocked by a huge torch!

huge torch

We open the door to the east corridor, where we get a Green Drop Surprise!

We press on forward to the end of the room, where a switchpad lies.

I wonder what pressing it does?

We head for the western door, and press the switchpad there. The torch is now gone!

Climbing the stairs, we're greeted by another puzzle!

bridge switchpad

Pressing the left switchpad, a bridge is revealed!

The next room’s flooring looks different, and more Goblins come forth!

Ma Goblin also has another magic spell up her sleeve, Defender, boosting her defenses!

Near wounded again...these Goblins are tough!

Max falls to the reaper, but I revive him.

Exiting the hall into another corridor, where more Goblins ambush us!

Thinking there's a post nearby, I have Hero equip the Whip. But, I don't see any post on the other side...

In the middle of the gap is a small flame. I think I have to extinguish the flame before crossing to the other side...

Or not, as I try another tactic. I head back to the bridge and press on the north switchpad, taking out the bridge.

Returning, a ledge with a pole's now visible!

On the other side, more Goblins ambush us, and their endless attacks prevent us from making any move!

And we're finished!

I go through everything that I did earlier all over again, except for entering the palace proper. This time, after sinking the lava, I head back to the village inn to rest up and save.