Secret of Mana - Part 20: Saving Undine

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Aside: I feel like I didn't praise this hauntingly beautiful piece enough last time, so here it is again. Honestly, that piece gives me both the chills and makes me tear up internally. It's that good.

Inside the Water Palace, Luka gives us troubling news concerning an Elemental called Undine.

luka waterfall

Undine's seal surrounding the palace is almost weakening, and Luka fears the worst for her...

We head towards the cave behind the waterfall. So that place wasn't Luka's hideout, but Undine the Elemental's.

The water around the waterfall where it was empty before is now overrun with big-eyed fish called Iffish.

These Iffish can cause considerable damage if we're not careful!

After several seconds, the Iffish are down!

Inside the waterfall cave now, where we get more Iffishial welcomes!

In the next cave, Hero reacts in surprise to the egg with a heart marked on it, lying in the middle of the cave. The egg hatches, revealing another creature, a smiling, bouncing Tonpole!


It's usually the cute ones that are dangerous in this game...

This Tonpole has either a lot of health, or our weapons are not strong enough!

Now the Tonpole evolves into another creature, a Biting Lizard, and the danger music amps up again!

lizard swallow

Aaahh, the creature swallowed Hero into his belly whole!

lizard opens mouth

If one of the party's within a straight line distance at the lizard, he swallows Hero or my other allies!

I have Hero keep moving in different places to make sure the lizard doesn't swallow anyone else...

We eventually corner him with attacks.

lizard heals

Aaaaaahhhh, and he heals himself, with a level 3 Cure spell, no less!

I'm also unable to attack when the lizard starts sticking his big tongue to swallow the ally I'm controlling!

How do we prevent him from healing himself?

I switch to using a Spear, and try to get close, but the lizard's quick enough to leap out of the way! Back to long range tactics!

The rest of my allies keep on spamming attacks at the lizard...

We eventually corner him again and wear him out for good this time.

Instead of fireworks, the cute lizard slumps down in tired defeat...

We get a Glove's Orb!

The lizard vanishes while a tunnel opens, and quiet, yet tense, beautiful music plays...

We meet Undine!

undine intro

She rewards us by recovering our health, and giving us "2 types of magic!" Yes!!

Undine gives Pidge her healing and defensive magic, while Max gets her ice and offensive magic!

max dance

Hero asks if he gets anything.

Undine tells him that his Mana Sword will grow more powerful than any magic spell...

...and tells him that Pidge has the power to turn the Mana Sword into an Ice Saber, to freeze enemies with, or, in her words, to turn "them into snowmen!"

Her gift to Hero is another Mana weapon: a Pole Dart!

She vanishes, leaving us with her magic powers, and the new weapon.

Max: "No one can stop me now!"

Back at the cave entrance, where unIffishial guests are swimming about, I prepare to do a demo of Undine's powers...

undine ring menu

Pidge can use Cure Water, Remedy, and Ice Saber, while Max has Energy Absorb, Freeze, and Acid Storm...

I have Max cast Freeze on the swimming Iffish twice. The spell fires icy hail...

I also have Pidge demonstrate her new healing magic...

Max is right, no one can stop us now (so far)!