Secret of Mana - Part 2: Hero and the Sword

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Now he has to find a way back up, and I now have control of Hero! So the A button, or the circle button, is a dash button, but I can only use it once as my character flashes when I do it. After a tiny beep is heard, I can use it again.

No menu to access, no jumping. I can only move.

Though the current of the falls is somewhat guiding me, I make it to solid ground.

grass falls

The scenery looks so pretty.

A flash of light, and someone calls Hero by name...

I check the tall grass again. Nothing there.

I have Hero head south.

The white light, and the voice calls again...

I have Hero cross the log bridge, and see a sword lodged on a rock surrounded by water. This feels like the King Arthur legend all over again...

sword in stone

I'm a bit stuck, since a shrub's blocking the way, but I get out.

However, the way to the village is planted with shrubs.


Maybe that sword should work...

I press B, or the x button, and the white light guides us again to take out the sword. This feels really suspicious...

bright light again

Hero: "Who are you...?"

He's asking the right questions.

Hero yanks the sword out, and a bright light shines...


Who is this person? He says that he told Hero to remove the sword.

The light shines brightly again, and another encircling aura shines around the Hero, and I can now see Hero's HP, and a gauge below!

I can now attack, and with the Y button, or triangle, I can see the equipment Hero has on hand!

A Rusty Sword is all he has.

Hero states that he can cut through shrubs with the sword now! Let's see it in action!

I try practicing with the controls cutting the shrubs and grass. So I have like a stamina meter below Hero's health display.

With nothing of value found yet, I head to the road east to the village after a while.