Secret of Mana - Part 16: A Second Danger and A New Ally

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As we head out of the "exhibit," more shaking and rolling's going on...

what happening

We're now back at the entrance of the village...

Hero: "Something's coming!"

It's another boss!

plant boss

And it's surfacing!

It's a plant of sorts that spits out exploding Jack O'Lantern pumpkins! The plant is very expressive in its facial features too!

plant boss 2

We have to be careful of the long thorny vine from the small bulb plant as well!

Everytime the plant comes out of its spiky bulb, that's our chance to strike!

But the pumpkins it launches are heavy hitters!

The Tropicallo and the Brambler are the two bosses' names!

After a few hits later, fireworks happen, and the Tropicallo and Brambler are finished!

tropicallo fireworks

Let's see if we get a Sword Orb, no, it's a Spear’s Orb!

The Elder thanks us, the Sprite doesn't!

The Sprite has amnesia after being washed down into the village.

Elder assumes that Tropicallo may have broken out of a sealed palace: the Underground Palace, I'm guessing.

He thinks the Sprite’s memories may come back if the Sprite gets power from the Mana Seed there.

eager eager

The Sprite child’s eager to get into the palace!

But, where is it?

The Elder mentions that the palace was buried, and that monsters are around the palace. He asks us if the Sprite can join our party. We accept.

The Sprite calls Hero his brother, and asks us to name him.

I wonder if there are more than three allies in this game, and if so, is it possible to switch one out?

I call the Sprite Max, after this character.

He’s not too fond of being called Max, but he greets us.

Max has a Boomerang as his main weapon...

Here are Max’s stats...

max stats

I have him wear the Rabite Cap, and he has a Midge Robe equipped...

The Elder bids us good luck, and tells us we can get to the palace through a hole. He also warns us of more dangers...

lava field

We now have to ask Elinee to remove the seal off of the palace. Oh dear...

elinee good?

She used to be good? I wonder what changed her...

The Elder tells us to go back to the Haunted Forest to find her castle. But we need to get the axe from Watts to proceed.

As a parting gift, he gives us Chobin’s Bow and arrows!

The Elder also tells us that Watts wants us to see him. He’s finished with the axe!

That’s it for tonight!