Super Mario RPG - Part 87: Finale

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The final Star Piece is ours!

Geno tells us to send the Star Piece immediately up high to the heavens!

end of final battle

Now the seven stars are back in their resting place...

end of final battle

The Star Pieces are beginning to flash into purple, and away they go!

Geno has his final "thank you"s, saying that the Star Road has been restored!

The seven stars surround Geno...

end of final battle

They encircle him as he ascends to the heavens in a pillar of light, and the star leaves the Geno puppet...

end of final battle

Everyone raises their arms as Geno the tiny star places the pieces back and soars away...the six star encircle the seventh in a dance, ascending to join their friends.

end of final battle

It's so beautiful...

end of final battle

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Mario, Bowser, Peach, and Mallow are on Vista Hill now, seeing Exor dissolve into dust...

end of final battle

The skies get bluer...

end of final battle

This is it...

end of final battle

All hail Prince Mallow!

end of final battle

Bowser's rebuilding his castle...

johnny sunset

Jonathan Jones looks at the red sun setting in the horizon...

croco yoshi race

Croco's at Yo'ster Isle, feeding Yoshi a cookie, trying to distract him from the race, and win first place, but Yoshi's too fast for him!

toadofsky choir

Toadofsky's conducting a choir...with Frogfucius and his student looking on...

booster x valentina

Awww...Valentina and Booster are now married...with Dodo presiding over the newlyweds.

Valentina's trying to get close to him, but Booster tries to slink away...

thank you 1

thank you 2

Mario winks. You're welcome, Mario.

Hey, there's Luigi!


There's the royal cloud family with their bus!

toadofsky float

Along with Toadofsky "floating" at the end of the bus!


bowser float repair

There's a float showing a miniature of Bowser's castle still in repairs.

Croco and his assistant steal something from the float, and Bowser chases after them!

Valentina and Dodo now, with Valentina stealing a fan from Dodo!

booster train

Booster's on his train, with his Snifits chasing after beetles. Booster leaves the train, and chases after them...


Booster steals Bowser's ride, and the Snifits steal Croco's loot!

The Shy Guys in pogo sticks come, with the Smithy Gang in tow!

smithy gang

Mack, Bowyer, and Yaridovich kneel before their creator Smithy...

Now Johnny comes, with the star turning day into night!

night parade

The Toads march in step, with a mushroom house filled with lights, along with a Flower...

mario and peach hi

And there's Mario and Peach!

There's Geno as a star flying around the hero and princess, and flying to the heavens!

One long look at the Mushroom Kingdom castle...

mushroom kingdom castle


And there are the Fireworks going off! Lucky I kept one in the inventory!

our fireworks

There's our Fireworks!

The star ascends to the heavens, to a making a "D" in...

the end

The end.

I sort of surprised myself here: I was expecting to finish this game after my trip, but now it's over!

I listen to the game's rendition of the Super Mario Bros. first level music awhile before turning off the game.

There's some stuff I didn't get to finish in this playthrough, like the Yoshi vs. Boshi race, or beating Culex, or the final round with Jinx, but, oh well...

That's that!

Aside: As a few bonuses, here's the music for the credits parade, the themes for the final battle against Smithy, along with the music video of the "Forest Maze" music that got me into knowing about this game in the first place:

Super Mario RPG: Waltz of the Forest

Again, thank you all very much for reading through this playthrough of Super Mario RPG!