Super Mario RPG - Part 86: Facing Smithy

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In order to stop the production, get the final Star Piece, and finish the game (finally!), we have to find Smithy, and take care of him.

Geno asks Mario if he's ready since there's no turning back...he nods.

Oh boy...the end is near...

Geno: "Our quest is almost over."

and i

No, Geno!

Geno: "Come on! Let's get this show on the road."

I head back a room and save first before pushing the button.

The claw crane pulls Mario and drags him to the hole below... where Smithy's working on making his weapons!

Mallow points out something: The final Star Piece around Smithy's neck!


So that's who Smithy looks evil counterpart to Santa Claus, or, a more robotic version of Saruman-meets-Dornkirk with a crown on his head, and with the build of a blacksmith. Like all of his creations, I'm betting he's probably made of "metal and wheels," with nothing but conquest in his mind.

How he makes his weapons is from a smelter fountain that pours out molten metal, and with his magic hammer, the spears come to life!

Smithy: "Already finished your tour of the factory, huh!? All right then! How about a little demonstration?"

Geno: "Yo, Smithy!"

Geno angrily demands that he give back the seventh Star Piece!

Mario jumps in agreement.

Smithy guffaws at their demands.

Smithy: "Looks like we're going to have a little dispute over the star."

Bowser comes...

Bowser: "Just hand it over, and GET OUTTA MY CASTLE!"

Smithy labels them as "touchy," and says he's getting used to living near Bowser's Castle.

Peach pleads with Smithy to stop.

Smithy harrumphs, and then brings up an idea: he demands that the whole party give him the Star Pieces.

His wit is steel cold.

He wants a "world filled with cold, metallic WEAPONS."

Mario jumps, his way of saying "let's finish this guy!"

Smithy: "Over here NOW! I'll finish you ALL!!"

smithy battle begin

The final fight begins! He starts off with a Sledge!

I have Geno boost everyone's physical stats.

How he casts his spells is through his magic hammer...

I also find it interesting to point out here that Mario and his friends are fighting Smithy with fans, claws, jumps, and shells, but with the exception of Bowser, nothing close to the cold metallic weaponry (hammers, spears, swords, knives) of Smithy and his gang.

Now Smithy's smelter drops some molten material, which he forms into a clone Shy Guy on a pogo stick, or a Shyper!

I have everyone focus their attacks on the Smelter!

Now Smithy casts a Meteor Swarm of rainbow stars!

The Shypers cast raining golden swords!

The fight continues!

After the Shypers and the Smelter are down, Smithy's resorting to physical attacks with a Meteor Swarm!

Eventually, we wear him down, and Smithy's reaction to losing is...tolerable.


But the stray arrow, one of Bowyer's minions, points out Smithy's head's a geyser, and comes over to calm him down, along with the Drill Bit.

A Shyster also goes to Smithy and points out that weapon-making machine was built yesterday, and tells him not to shake the floor, since the machine's not in the best quality.

He silences them all with his hammer, causing the machine to shake...

...and collapse!

fall down

We now fall down into the chasm below...

Smithy's now not looking well...

oooooooohh, he's angry!

Smithy: "Never have I been so is time...I will show you my real form...I will show you my true power...I will teach you respect...and I shall have my revenge..."

Oh, shit!

He pounds away screaming....

Glints of light...

Oh my god, his true form is a robot skeleton!

Smithy: "Come on, you puny ants!"

The battle continues...

The skull head transforms into a toy tank! *gulp*

I use up my items at this point...

His fingers shoot out Geno-esque pellets!

After some damage, Smithy transforms into a reaper, Palpatine-like, casting lightning from his hands, with his actual face at the bottom of the cloak...

600 damage! Holy heck!

He rains down fiery pitchforks at the party!

Now Smithy's head transforms into a chest!

Holy heck, the chest is a slot machine chest!

Smithy now poisons us!

Smithy transforms back into a tank head!

The Magnum Bullet Bill KO's Peach!

Back to his reaper form, where he rains down more arrows!

His physical defense is weaker when he's in this form!

The chest form again, and he silences everyone except Mario!

Now the whole room is shaking, with Smithy's head and body burning! He doesn't believe he's finished!

Fireworks burst out, and Smithy explodes!

end of final battle