Super Mario RPG - Part 85: The Gunyolk

This is the makeup of the party so far...

party stats so far

I stick with Peach for healing, and Geno for stat-boosting.

I head forward. No Smithy yet, but a pink devil, or the Factory Chief's there, with a big smelter machine in front of them.

The Factory Chief's in shock at our being here.

The Chief unleashes the Gunyolk on us!

gunyolk fight

My Lord, the Factory Chief's a strong one!

factory chief

I wonder what the Gunyolk does?

The Gunyolk fires its cannon on Mario!

The Chief then turns Mario into a mushroom!

The Gunyolk's lava rises out, unleashing a Breaker Beam!

Now what to do next?

I use Peach's Psych Bomb for the first time! It deals pretty decent damage...

We eventually take care of the Factory the Gunyolk!

The Gunyolk's spamming more Breaker Beams and Mega Drains at the whole party...

A Lazy Shell attack from Mario finishes the machine off!

In place of where the Gunyolk was is a button. Geno notices that the production line hasn't stopped...

The weapons are coming from the pipe ahead!

pipe ahead