Super Mario RPG - Part 84: Smithy's Factory

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Heading west of where we fought Cloaker, we're now in Smithy's factory!

smithy factory line

It looks like one of those cold, high-tech factories.

There's now a clerk overseeing the newly made minions, with hammer workers in tow!

So they're planning to build a new army, huh?

Mallow's in shock and anger!

Mallow proudly introduces Mario to the Clerk, and makes an ultimatum to them.

Mallow: "Shut down production now or he'll...stomp ya!"

The clerk doesn't like that, not one bit, and the Mad Mallet security hammer forces come in...


But we're too strong for them, as the last one runs away in fright!

Now the Clerk joins in the fray!

clerk boss

Yikes, the Clerk is a machine!

Let's see what happens now that his Mallet minions are gone...

He invigorates himself, but he's finished off immediately!

Mallow: "Ha! Hope you learned your lesson!"

Mallow's optimistic about the end in we move forward, Mallow gets a "what does this button do" moment.

But nothing happens...until something does! Oh god no!

claw pulls mallow

Mallow, completely unaware at Mario's reaction, thinks Mario's pranking him! No prank.

the claw

He gets pulled by the claw! Lucky Mario pushes him out of there!

We proceed forward, but then...

???: "Mario!"

Oh my god, Toad!?

toad omg

Toad: "Phew, I...finally made it up here...let me help you guys out!"

The Princess appears and Toad jumps in fright! Peach apologizes to Toad for sneaking out of the Kingdom, saying that she wanted to help Mario on his quest.

Toad: "That's it! Any job that lets me help both Mario and the Princess is worthwhile!"

Peach is puzzled by Toad's willingness to help.

Looks like Toad's setting up shop for us!

I get everything I can at this point, especially Pick Me Ups, and more syrup...

Toad also offers us Rock Candy, which we sold already. I take out a Rock Candy in our inventory in place of another Rock Candy...oh my god...

The Princess thanks Toad for his help.

I'm just a bit surprised that Toad came all this way to the end...

I head forward. What's beyond in this factory?

Another set of supervisors await!

One of the Pounders mentions a Drill Bit coming on time, and that they're ahead of schedule in building the army.

So it's the Manager we have to face next!

The Manager's an ambitious one, isn't he?

manager ambitious

But Bowser's laugh rings through the air and says that he rules that world!

The Manager's shocked that the Mack and Yaridovich clones didn't stop us!

Bowser's now wanting a piece of the Manager.

The Manager makes one of the most unforgettable Mario.


Bowser's not happy he's getting ignored! Hee...

The next fight begins!

The Pounders are pushovers, but the Manager's a mini-bomb lobber!

I have everyone focus their attacks on the Manager...

But the Pounders, motivated to please Smithy, fight back without the Manager!

After the dust settles, Bowser's still taken aback by the Manager ignoring him...

He even recites a haiku...heh...poor Bowser...


Mario pats him on the shell...awwww, Mario....

shell pat

We move forward to the next line, where Peach faces off against the Director, telling him to stop production.

The Director refuses.

Director: "Any dissent against Smithy will be dealt with by immediate melt down." ☹

Peach is in shock! She runs back to Mario! Poor Peach...

Director: "Dissenters will be eliminated. Production will continue."

Now we face off again, and the Director's a strong foe!

director boss

The Poundettes are also no joke!

Lucky Geno gets two chances to attack! No, three chances! No, four! But I accidentally have him target the Director, ending his attack chain!

The Director's now alone, empowering himself!

We do the same!

More Poundettes come back to help their boss!

Knowing how much of a threat he is now, we focus attacks on the Director!

Now the Director unleashes a spritz of mini bombs, KO'ing Peach!

After reviving Peach, we eventually gain the upper hand, where I have Geno boost her defenses as the first move...

The Director's now finished, along with the Poundettes!

Peach: "That was scary! But we can't run away now. We've got to kick these lowlifes out of our world." Nod from Mario there.

Finally, a save block!

I'm betting that Smithy's in the hall just ahead...