Super Mario RPG - Part 80: Boomer, The Last Soldier and Facing the Giant Sword

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Now there's two doors in front of us, and the Magikoopa claims that this castle belongs to Smithy now!

magikoopa red

The Magikoopa waves their wand and it's battle time!

magikoopa boss

Whoa! So that's what the Star Gun does!

The Magikoopa is strong against Mario's jump attacks!

Now the Magikoopa jumps, causing an egg to drop! The Magikoopa casts their magic on the egg!

magi magic

What's inside?

A big King Bomb is summoned, and the Magikoopa's hiding behind it!

We take care of him immediately!

Now the Magikoopa casts more magic!

I have Mario use up some Rock Candy...which seems to do heavy damage...

Now what's the Magikoopa summoning this time?

Another King Bomb, which we take care of quickly!

I boost Geno's physical power...

One more Lazy Shell attack from Mario, and the Magikoopa's finished!

The Magikoopa's robes turn back to their usual blue...Magikoopa doesn't remember what they did...they say "hi" to Bowser, mentioning that they were brainwashed. They ask if they did something wrong. Uhhh....

Bowser: "Uh...don't...worry about it. Let's just put it behind us."

bowser smithy 2

The Magikoopa's happy that Bowser has new forces for his Troop, and says that their magic can help them.

The Magikoopa demonstrates!

And a golden chest block that never runs out of coins is the result!

Though, it only gives us one coin per hit...

The Magikoopa is now our healer.

I go back, save, and heal before proceeding further...

Left door first, and Croco's there!

Croco says that he's not going to be there all the time, and offers his wares: the same recovery items and new equipment!

new wares croco

I buy and equip the whole lot!

As we leave out the door, we get a look into Croco's thoughts: "See ya!"

I turn back and Croco was also about to leave too! Oh, Croco...

Now into the door to the right...

More lava, and Thwomps shaking and rumbling the whole room!

Along with golden Bullet Bills, which are coming at us from the other side!

I also get caught into some battles while crossing, with the rumbling from the Thwomps making it a bit tricky to move Mario!


Now that's a big Thwomp!

I make it, and I'm now at a hall full of chandeliers, just like in the beginning of the game!


Someone starts laughing...

Mario looks up, and there's Shy Guys, and a bearded individual.

He's impressed by our performance so far...too bad that's the last time he'll be impressed by us...

boss of the keep

Now we have to "deal with [him]!"

Boss: "EN GARDE!"

And another boss fight begins, atop another set of chandeliers, held up by Shy Guys!


No chains to attack for this battle, though...

Boomer's quick at drawing and sheathing his sword!

Now Boomer invigorates himself and turns blue!

turn blue

He unleashes his Skewer attack, which does little to no damage...

But in the next turn, he unleashes Shaker, which KO's Geno! Oh god no...

I have Mario attack him, and have Peach resurrect Geno once more! The match continues!

The fight is over, but Boomer has final words as sad music plays...


Boomer: "This is absurd! I can't be defeated by them! I won't let this happen! I won't fall in battle..."

He gasps and coughs...

Mario tries to cheer him up by jumping, which Boomer sees as pity and loathes it.

Boomer: "I am a soldier...I am prepared to go..."

Now he performs his final move: dropping the chandelier he's standing on!

The Shy Guy, Chandeli-ho, hurt by Boomer's sword, drops it!

Boomer falls...

Chandeli-ho: "Boomer! Oh, poor Boomer! But not to worry! A little fall isn't going to hurt you!"

So, Boomer will live?

The Chandeli-ho on our end congratulates us, and gives us a hand up to the roof!

boost to the roof

Here we go!

Everyone's dancing and jumping to Midas River music as the Chandeli-ho pulls his chandelier up to the top floor of the castle!

He warns us to buckle up, but that was just an expression!

We jump up to the top!

And the battle is over as Peach gains a level!

Now we face the giant sword, Exor, whose Eye is protecting him!

Wait a minute, so this isn't Smithy after all?


I start the battle by having Geno boost Mario's stats!

Now we have multiple targets...a bit strange that Exor's mouth is called Neosquid.

ETA: The remake finally retranslates this as a Mouth.

neosquid what?

So Exor's actual face is at the pommel of the sword...

The mouth and right eye can cast spells, huh?

I have Mario and Geno attack both the eyes!

The mouth casts a new spell, Corona, on our party!

After the left eye's KO'd, Exor is no longer protected!

I have Mario attack Exor now!

The right eye comes to, and the mouth sings Geno to sleep!

Now the mouth's out for now...

I KO Exor's left eye, and direct all attacks to Exor the pommel.

The right eye unleashes a Dark Star, a large, angry star who pounces on one of our party members thrice!

I continue the attack on the pommel...

The left eye poisons us, and the right eye unleashes an Aurora Flash!

I have Geno use up a Geno Flash, and heal everyone with a Megalixir!

So the left eye delivers status effects...

exor down

Exor's down!

Now what is he doing?

exor portal

Where is Exor taking everyone!?

We're now in of sorts.

Geno points out that we're now in a portal between the two worlds: the world of Smithy, and the Mushroom Kingdom, with Exor as the portal gate.

void bw worlds

Geno: "If we follow this road, we'll find Smithy. So...what's keeping us?"

Bowser butts in, saying that he only came along to reclaim his castle, not interested to finish the job. He also tells Mario that Mario's fixing his castle, as per his duty as a "Koopa Troop member"...

Geno laughs for the first time!

geno laughs

Geno points out that Exor is the "contact point" again, and even if Exor is defeated, more of Smithy's troops will come through the portal!

Bowser's now worried about what would happen to his castle now...

bowser worries

Bowser: "What about my...PRIVACY?"


He doesn't like the idea of interdimensional beings who look like weapons roosting on his keep, and weeps...he even says "that stinks!"

He even worries more about his reputation as

Bowser now makes up a story, falsely swearing revenge at the Smithy forces who messed with his Troop! Lol...oh Bowser...

There's a bouncepad at the corner, just in case we need to backtrack a bit...

map now

I head back to Mario's Pad and save my progress there.