Super Mario RPG - Part 76: The Final Star Piece

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Mallow announces to Frogfucius that he found his real family!

mallow frogfucius

Frogfucius sounds surprised at the news that Mallow's a prince! And now Mallow's going to save the world!

Frogfucius: "Although you've found your family, this adventure isn't over yet!"

Noticing our Cricket Jam, we give Frogfucius the jam quickly, and gives us our allowance "for making an old man happy," and fulfilling his wish.

Ten Frog Coins!

Frogfucius tells us the last Star Piece is in...

last star piece

Bowser's Castle!

Only the people of Nimbus Land can tell us how to get to the final Star Piece since the bridge there is out.

The Royal Bus!

I head to Star Hill to get more coins since I'm now running low on them...

I'm also thinking of heading to the Forest Maze to get those secret treasures, but I'll hold that off until later...

Now off to Nimbus Land!

We now speak to the King and Queen...

The King asks if the Star Road can be repaired to ensure wishes come true again...

king ask

But the King knows there's a final Star Piece that's missing.

Even the Queen knows that the last Star Piece is in Bowser's Castle!

queen knows

But how to get there?

Even the King knows Mario has his jumping limits. But he's thinking what I'm thinking, and so does the Queen: the Royal Bus!

royal bus idea

Now that's teamwork!

The King now goes into recounting his flashbacks again, and the Queen tells Mallow that she had the repairman fix the bus.


But I hope this isn't a one-way ride there...

We go to the bus operator, who announces the Royal Bus is fixed and operational! Mallow asks for a ride to go to Bowser's Castle. He knows.

Now let's see what the bus looks like...

royal bus lakitu

Whoa! A big Lakitu's driving the bus!

The Lakitu tells us to hop aboard!

And we're off!

bus to castle