Super Mario RPG - Part 75: Playing Scales

Since I want to get this sidequest finished quickly, I decide to take a look at a guide online to compose the Monstro Town star song.

The notes for this one are: La Ti Do Re Mi So Do Re Mi

After succeeding on the second try, Toadofsky jumps in joy at our piece, and gives us another Juice Bar membership card.

soprano card yay

Toadofsky: "Finally, my song is near complete. But I must confess that you contributed a lot to it. We can all take credit for it! Now you must think of a final phrase that will wrap it all up. Let your creative juices flow and show me what you got!"

Mario runs rapidly back to the start!

Now we get to make up our own tune!

Where to start...?

I jump on a couple of notes, I feel like the final piece I made sounds a bit melancholic...

Toadofsky then looks at the whole piece together!

He starts the music, with Mario as his co-conductor!

t and m conduct

The tadpoles applaud our symphony!

I talk to Toadofsky again, who asks what we think of our piece. I say nothing and save here.

The tadpole outside Melody Bay thought it was a pretty good piece.

I go to the Juice Bar, where I show off the Soprano Card to the shopkeeper! They're amazed!

We can now get KeroKero Colas!

I buy two Megalixirs and head off to see Frogfucius!