Super Mario RPG - Part 74: Sidetracked

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I switch Bowser for Geno, and save at Nimbus Land before getting our bearings!

One of the cloud citizens mentions that a Toad's staying at the inn...

After talking with the townspeople for any more info, and getting more supplies, I head down into the room, where the blue Toad is sleeping.

casino toad

He can't find the Casino. Poor Toad...

I read the leaflet on his hand. It's an ad for Grate Guy's Casino.

It says 3 jumps, a Bright Card, and no "Chomps" can get us in there. Lucky, I got into the Casino beforehand!

I have Mario head into Garro's house, where an angry Mallow statue is...

angry mallow

I leave for Monstro Town.

Let's see what I could do here...

After visiting the other residents, I have Mario head for the Dojo to challenge Jagger the Terrapin student there.

Jagger says he's not going to make this easy for us, and the fight begins!


I use Geno boost on Mario and Geno. If I time it right, I boost both attack and defense of the target!

It takes three attacks to bring Jagger to his knees!

He compliments Mario as a top-notch fighter.

???: "You did well for your inexperience, Jagger."
Jagger: "Sensei, have you been here all along?"

Jagger walks to the bonsai plant in the corner, where his master, Jinx, is on.

Jinx: "Hmmm. You felt my ki, didn't you? Not bad for a novice!"

Jinx inspects Mario with swiftness!

He points out Mario has holes in his fighting style.

Jinx moves like the wind!

Jinx says we can challenge him any time!

Not today.

I head to Tadpole Pond, since we're stuck...I later change my mind and head off to Booster's Tower on the way there.

booster and valentina

Climbing up the tower, Valentina's there on the balcony, where Booster and his Snifits did she get down there? Looks like Dodo ran out of energy trying to fly her away...

Valentina's not happy that Booster wants to marry her...

Booster kisses? (Or says something nice to) her, and goes off to the perch...

Valentina saw whatever he did as "romantic," and she and Booster hang out next to each other on the perch. The Snifits look away...


Mario backs away and we head back down the tower.

Easier to go down than to go up!

I buy some fireworks at Moleville, but they're really expensive! I head to Star Hill to get more coins...

After buying one set of fireworks, I now go off to Tadpole Pond...

The tadpole nearby has a new favorite song: the one that the Monstro Town star dances to!

Instead of scales, five notes are played, or four notes, a rest, and a low note! The tadpole forgot the rest!

I listen to the tune again before saving...

Toadofsky's back too...