Super Mario RPG - Part 73: Mighty Axin' Axem Rangers

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Axem Black: "You better leave now, chumps!"

They vanish into the caverns! We make chase!

In the next cave, Axem Black insults Mario's mustache. Axem Pink doesn't like it either. Axem Yellow points out Mario's worse than Mario! Lol. He forgets he's talking to him...Axem Green points that out.

Axem Red, the leader, tells them that the Star Piece needs to be taken to Blade immediately, and that Mario comes later!

They vanish into streaks of light.

The music now is a fast-paced, futuristic (?) remix of the old cave music...

Axem Yellow's there, with the Star Piece in tow!

We continue jumping and zigzagging the crevices of the volcano, as the Axems get away with the Star Piece!

The Axems use the spring pad and jump away! We follow suit!

All the Axems are huddled around the top of the volcano.


We now make it at the top of the volcano, and catch up to them! They ask where their ride is...

The rest of the rangers keep asking. Red's keeping his cool, or not...

shaddup already

Now rumbling and shaking's going on...and there's their ride!

huge blade

That's a huge weapon!

Mario jumps aboard!

axem red battle

Axem Red: "We fight for evil!"
Axem Black: "We live for disorder!"
Axem Green: "We like what we do!"
Axem Pink: "We struggle for chaos!"
Axem Yellow: "We are..."

Axem Rangers: "...the Axem Rangers!"

Lol, go, go Axem Rangers! Too bad they work for the bad guys in this game...

Axem Red: "This Star Piece gives people hope! It needs to be destroyed!"

The battle begins, with Axem Black making the first two moves!

axem ranger boss

Axem Yellow's the strong guy! Axem Pink's the healer, and Axem Green's the spellcaster...

I have the whole party start with Axem Pink!

Axem Pink calls to Red that her makeup's running!

Red tells her to change her makeup brand!

Axem Black also throws bombs too!

Pink's out of the battle for now...

I have Bowser attack Axem Black next, but Axem Black's defense is rock solid!

Axem Black always misses Peach!

I have Mario and Bowser go after Axem Green next instead!

Green calls out to Red that he now has a headache!

Losing teammates, Red now invigorates himself!

Axem Yellow body slams Peach, KO'ing her!

Axem Yellow's also tough on the physical defense!

Axem Red can shoot small bulbs of lights! He's probably the jack-of-all-trades here!

Eventually, we beat Axem Black, saying to Red that his shades are broken!

Everytime we hit Axem Yellow, he counters with a Body Slam!

Red and Yellow are the tougher rangers since I almost lost Mario and Peach! Lucky I came prepared with Pick Me Ups!

Red's head is now spinning...he's down for the count!

I now use special attacks against Yellow! They seem to work!

Red is now riled up!

Axem Red: "Time to finish this!"

Now what are the Power Axem Rangers planning next?

Axem Red: "Formation...HO!"

Oh boy, they've got their Megazord out!

Axem Red: "Force Beam energized! Maximum charge! NOW! Fire the BREAKER!!"


Oh comes the Breaker Beam!!

breaker beam

That took the wind out of the party's sails a bit...

I use up the KeroKero Cola and a Freshen Up to heal everyone from the Beam's damage...

Now the second wave!

Lucky that one missed Mario!

We take care of their "Megazord" formation before the third wave!

this isnt possible

Axem Red: "We are... invincible!" No, you're a parody.

Their Megazord head disappears!

Axem Pink: "Can this be happening to the Axem Rangers?"

The party approaches the Rangers, and takes the Star Piece, and jump off the ship! Blade shakes, about to collapse!

In bright flashes of light, the Rangers' ride collapses, and thus lies the end of the Axem Rangers!

Now we finally get the Sixth Star Piece!

sixth star piece really get

Here are the Star Pieces we now have:

circle complete

"Six Star Pieces have finally been collected. Where could that last one be?"