Super Mario RPG - Part 72: Czar Dragon

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There are falling platforms I'm now hotfooting past...but fail many times crossing!

And Bowser levels up after a battle with one of the Pyrospheres!

Now at the other side, the Pyrospheres are gathering into one big flame!

pyrosphere fusion

And there's the Czar Dragon revealed!

czar dragon

His first move is a Flame Wall!

I use up one of the Bracers on Mario...

I also have Peach heal Bowser!

Now the Czar Dragon uses his Iron Maiden move, intimidating Bowser, and stomps the ground, summoning four small infernal dots, or Helios...

So a Helio is basically a small projectile for the Czar Dragon, huh?

Just realized this monster can attack twice too!

Now the Czar Dragon sinks into the lava...and rises up as a skeletal dragon, a Zombone!

The Zombone summons Boulders as his first attack!

His next attack knocks Peach out!

I resurrect Peach and continue the fight, with Mario and Bowser wearing him down, and Peach healing us!

The more the party blocks the attack, eventually the less damage they take! Or is the Zombone getting weaker?

Now the Zombone sinks into the lava below!

battle over

Peach and Geno level up!

I have Mario cross the long land bridge and head into the next cavern!

And in the cavern, the sixth, red Star Piece is finally ours!

star piece get?

Whoa! What the heck!? Looks like someone now has the Star Piece!

axem red enter

Axem Red took it, huh? No wonder why the Czar Dragon battle felt slightly easy...

Axem Green appears, Axem Yellow too! Axem Pink! Finally, Axem Black appears, completing the squad!